Beadwork: exclusive or tasteless

Today, on the shelves of shops you can find a wide variety of jewelry made of precious metals and stones. There is also jewelry, which is perfect for almost all ladies and makes it possible to compose different images every day. But in stores very rarely bead jewelry is sold. Meanwhile, beads have always been and remain one of the main materials for copyright products . Relate to such jewelry in different ways. Why? Let's figure it out.

Why bead jewelry is biased

Many women who have crossed a certain age threshold shun bead jewelry. Ladies believe that such products are exclusively young. And for women aged are bad taste. This is far from the case.

An experienced craftswoman can create a beautiful and exclusive necklace or bracelet that will suit a woman in years. It will be able to emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the lady, while no one will have such a second .

Beaded bracelets, necklaces, rings and even earrings can be created using different techniques:

  • weaving;
  • embroidery;
  • knitting;
  • weaving;
  • mixed media.

Important! A piece of her soul and love for her craft is embedded in each product created by the hands of a craftswoman. Therefore, they are all very original and are created in a single copy.

Many ladies believe that such products should not be taken seriously. After all, these things are interesting only to lovers of needlework. Women call all products baubles for girls and do not recognize the beauty of jewelry.

The opinion of lovers of beads

Experienced craftswomen, defending a place in the sun for their hobby, note that each product looks completely different .

You can make a bauble or bracelet from cheap Chinese beads. And it really will look cheap. But on sale there are beads of the "elite" class and even "precious". Products from them look expensive enough to compete with products from precious metals.

A woman can emphasize her originality and individuality with the help of correctly selected jewelry created from small beads. Properly selected details perfectly complement various everyday and even evening looks.

Advantages that turn bead jewelry into an exclusive

The main advantage of bead jewelry is that it is always handmade . Today, girls really appreciate the work of competent craftsmen, whether it is a product of gold, silver or beads. If it is made for a particular girl and emphasizes her appearance and character, then this thing is exclusive and perfectly suits her.

Beautiful, small-sized beads fold perfectly into various ornaments that help make the product even more attractive. It can be quite complex patterns, bearing some secret, sacred meaning for its owner. From bead jewelry you can easily make your own amulet.

If you select high-quality material, as well as turn to an experienced master, he will be able to do a strong thing. She will serve for many years after delivery to the owner. Quality beads do not shed or peel off, as many people think. And the strings withstand many negative external influences.

Craftswomen use a variety of materials in their work. Bugs and beads of different sizes are just the "tip of the iceberg." Many achieve various goals using various precious or semi-precious stones and even claws or teeth of animals .

Important! The main point is the choice of product style. If a bracelet or necklace is made for a specific person, you need to take into account its external characteristics, as well as the stylistic features of the wardrobe.

How to wear bead jewelry

All jewelry made of beads can be divided into 3 groups:

  • traditional strict;
  • light and romantic;
  • made in the spirit of folk motifs.

They are made in various techniques, using all kinds of ornaments, patterns, abstraction and other techniques. All this allows you to achieve sophistication and sophistication.

Provided that the decoration is made for a specific event, it is important to correlate its design with the outfit chosen to attend an important event . It is better to use more expensive types of beads so that the product looks like a real masterpiece, decorating the girl’s neck or wrist.

Bead jewelry can be worn daily, or you can pick up for a particular occasion.

  • For a wedding or a go out, light and sophisticated lace jewelry is suitable . They emphasize the beauty of the main outfit and the elegance of the girl.

  • As an accessory for an office bow, three-piece products made in seasoned colors are suitable. It can be jewelry in the form of collars or small pendants on a thin chain. They do not attract too much attention, but stylishly complement an office suit.

  • With everyday attire, you can wear whatever your heart desires . It can be voluminous earrings to the shoulders in combination with a boho-style dress or a modest openwork bracelet in addition to the classic light dress.

The main thing is that the girl should like the decoration and fit the general style of the chosen costume.