Why can not knit for her husband? Signs and superstitions

Knitting for a beloved man is always a pleasure. Thanks to manual work, the thing acquires a special originality and unique look. But there is another opinion, which certainly builds to listen. It is believed that knitting a loved one is not such a good sign . Why? Let's get it right.

Who and why forbids knitting for her husband

Despite the fact that knitting is a creative process, it is shrouded in various mysterious senses. There is, for example, a number of signs that are associated with the manufacture of knitwear for beloved men .

  • Even in antiquity it was believed that knitting clothes for a beloved was a matter of treason and separation .
  • If you do not want your loved one to leave the family, then never knit socks for him.
  • Allowed to knit only a scarf or hat .

Reference! It is believed that a scarf tied to a man will allow you to establish a warm and inextricable love bond, strengthen relationships, and a knitted hat can relieve migraines.

  • There is also an opinion that you can not knit your beloved before the wedding . It is believed that all the happiness of the young will go away. The girl should not knit anything for the future bridegroom for the wedding, as it is believed that even a lace knitted napkin will bring misfortune to the newlyweds.
  • You can not knit if the woman is pregnant . It is believed that knitting will give the future baby nervousness and harsh character.
  • In past centuries, the husband forbade his wife to touch knitting needles and threads while waiting for the baby. It was believed that this promises a difficult birth, since the baby can get entangled in the umbilical cord.
  • Many consider the knitting process itself a ritual akin to a love spell. In this case, it is very important with what thoughts the girl is going to knit for a man.

Here such a “ball will take” from ancient times accumulated the needlework beloved by many women. But is it true that in the 21st century a modern woman should look back on these signs? If she ties the whole family together, why not tie something up for her head?

What if he doesn’t like it?

Of course, a knitter can knit for her husband. But can she be sure that he needs it? Doesn’t his annoyance occupation to which the wife devotes many hours?

Both a beginner and an experienced needlewoman should keep in mind that your husband may not like both the knitted thing itself and the fact that you spent too much time and effort on its manufacture. Therefore, if you have already decided to make a knitted gift, you should carefully think about whether your spouse really needs the conceived thing.

It is imperative to consider whether the person you are knitting is allergic to wool . Many people prefer not to wear wool sweaters, as irritation appears on the skin.

Do not be offended if the husband does not carry your gift, although he says that he liked him . Everyone has different tastes and preferences, especially since women than men often wear knitted items.

When making a gift with your own hands, it’s worth calculating the time for which you can make it. So that it doesn’t happen that the gift is not ready for the anniversary or any other holiday. This is also unlikely to please a man.

As you can see, the ban on knitting for her husband has a very real basis. Does this mean that there is no need to recall ancient signs?

How to relate to omen

Believe it or not in the sign prohibiting knitting for a loved one, this is a personal matter for every woman. Someone treats such traditions with a smile and prefers to give their own things related as a sign of special love. Others are afraid to do this, recalling grandmother's instructions.

Maybe, in order not to take risks, women who have slight doubts should pay attention to signs? Especially if you are not confident in a relationship with your loved one. And a hand-made thing can also be bought.

Well, if you are not completely affected by the old prohibitions, knit for health! And may each new thing that you have done for your husband with your own hands tie you even tighter!