Pleated Skirt Looks

A pleated skirt is at the peak of popularity today. A similar style is to the taste not only of young girls, but also of mature ladies. And all after that, the images with such a wardrobe item are light, airy and very feminine. Fashion designers today offer a huge number of styles of pleated skirts made of flowing materials that allow a woman to feel elegant and beautiful in any situation.

Features of combination with a pleated skirt

The pleated pleat is a pleated skirt, the width of which varies from 5 mm to 5 cm. Previously, such products were used only as uniforms as part of a school suit. Today, fashion designers are actively using a similar style in their collections, making it a real trend among women.

Make a kit with a similar bottom is not difficult. That is why stylists assure that such a thing should be in the wardrobe of every woman. It goes well with things already available in the wardrobe, and helps to make wonderful combinations that emphasize femininity and make you feel as confident as possible.

Important! Thanks to the vertical folds, the silhouette becomes noticeably slimmer and stretches, which provides additional beauty to the image.

One of the main issues is the rules for combining pleated skirts with other wardrobe items. Many girls also think how much the skirt will be appropriate for their figure, whether it is suitable for certain events. Therefore, in this matter it is worth trusting the advice of stylists.

Professionals say that such a style will suit absolutely everyone and help create a stylish business image, a woman can easily send to an important meeting with business partners, while looking very convincing. Also, such a wardrobe item is ideal for romantic dates with a loved one. Light and flying material creates a unique atmosphere of airiness.

Even a pleated skirt is suitable for an evening look. Fashion designers recommend paying attention to the floor models, which will flow beautifully to the feet and emphasize the grace of the silhouette. You can also wear a similar thing in everyday bow, any length will do.

Also, stylists recommend choosing a skirt in accordance with the features of a woman's figure:

  • long skirts are suitable for slender girls (they will make the silhouette more elegant and add the necessary volume at the hips, as a combination fit fitted T-shirts and t-shirts for a casual look, as well as loose shirts);
  • magnificent ladies should be careful with the choice (it is worth paying attention to models of a straight cut with a shuttle-pleat in the back of the product, it will give “zest” to the image)
  • frequent pleats are suitable for short girls (a large number of vertical folds visually stretch the silhouette, making the girl more elegant);
  • Midi length is suitable for almost everyone (a medium-length insulated skirt is perfect for the first cold days in autumn, in combination with it you can choose a stylish tight-fitting turtleneck or a thin sweater);
  • the mini length is suitable for young girls with slender legs (it will add mischief and lightness to the image, which is further emphasized by the materials from which it is made, it is better to stock this option on hot summer days, and combine a skirt with tops, shirts, blouses).

Today, skirts are presented in a huge variety of color schemes. Stylists give clear recommendations on how to choose the right combination. In most cases, it is recommended to use only monophonic products in the image, which will become a bright accent in the selected set. Although it is not forbidden to use interesting multi-colored models.

What is and is not worth wearing a pleated skirt?

A pleated skirt is a light and airy part of the wardrobe, so the image should turn out the same. It is necessary to carefully select the sets, so as not to weight the set, but only emphasize elegance:

  • a blouse (translucent fabrics and too open cuts should be avoided, the product should be simple and concise, without unnecessary decorative elements, it is worth choosing discreet light shades, and also complement the bow with a vest to match the bottom of the wardrobe);
  • jacket (for cool days you can put on a jacket made of thick fabric, they look great in contrast to a thin airy skirt, it is better to choose a color from the classic range, for example, a white jacket is wonderfully combined with the dark blue lower part);
  • a sweater (a voluminous product will give roundness to female forms and is perfect for slim girls, it is better to combine thin and fitted things with a jacket, especially if the girl’s silhouette is far from model parameters);
  • shoes (there are a lot of options for combining with shoes, ballet shoes, classic high-heeled shoes, stylish shoes or loafers, all of these types are suitable for combination with pleated).

Important! You should avoid massiveness in choosing a pair of shoes for a pleated skirt. That is why high boots and boots, tractor-soled shoes or large ankle boots should be excluded.

Gradation is also combined, as well as with what to wear skirts from various materials. So, for example, tulle products are perfectly combined with simple cotton T-shirts that can be tucked under a belt or with tops on thin straps. They are also tucked under the belt or put on a short model.

Knitted patterns are great for creating a rigorous business look. A fitted sweater, turtleneck or pullover, as well as a classic office shirt, will perfectly complement the pleated skirt of any length.

Chiffon airy product looks unusually attractive with loose tops and a short leather jacket worn on top. Fashionable ankle boots will help to complement the set. This option is good for everyday wear during the off-season.

Velvet or lycra skirts with metallic sheen are trending today. Guipure blouses, voluminous woolen sweaters or knitted pullovers are suitable for them. This is a beautiful and attractive outfit that can be worn as a casual look or worn for a specific event.

Important! You need to choose a quality product. The skirt, which was produced using cheap equipment, will soon part with its folds, moreover, in the abdomen. Even the most slender lady will look terrible in such a skirt.

High-quality materials and a manufacturer’s guarantee are the key to long wear and the original appearance of the product for many years. In addition, often such skirts are made on an ugly elastic band, which can in no way decorate a woman's body. It is better to refrain from such models and give preference to models on the straps.

When choosing an image, experts advise a more thorough assessment of each item individually and in tandem with a pleated skirt. They should be harmoniously combined and create a light, feminine and flying image. Do not include too massive accessories and shoes in the image, this will completely ruin the impression of the lady's appearance.

Fashionable skirts

Summer models of such skirts vary in their styles, but the most popular is still the maxi-length product, slightly flared down, made of light materials of light colors. For example, a white translucent skirt goes well with a fitted pullover. In addition to the image, stylish light ballet shoes and a small handbag are suitable.

Multilayer skirts have become another trend in recent seasons. Usually they are sewn on a lining, which should be of sufficient length. Such things go well with sweaters of a simple and free cut, turtlenecks and tight-fitting pullovers. A good option for a summer look or set for a warm spring, autumn.

Lace pleated is an excellent option for various events and outings. It can be combined with guipure blouses and tight-fitting turtlenecks, as well as strict shirts. The look is fresh and feminine, and stylish shoes or high heel shoes will be a great addition to the look.

In summer, bright flying chiffon and tulle items with a frequent pleated look wonderful. Such models look good on a woman of any shape. As a combination, you can choose short topics, loose t-shirts, tucked under the skirt belt. And for cool weather, store a leather or jeans jacket.

A wide pleated look looks original in business images. Strict jackets and jumpers in monochrome are suitable for them. They perfectly emphasize the dignity and femininity of the set, beautifully dilute the strict dress code. For shoes, graceful boots or high-heeled shoes are suitable.

Also a wide pleat is great for special occasions. A cream knee-length skirt and a matching tone top will be a great alternative to a cocktail dress. In tandem, along with you can pick up fashionable shoes, high-heeled shoes or stylish low boots.

Important! Combinations for a pleated skirt should be selected taking into account your own color type, as well as material and season. The color scheme should also be appropriate for the season. So, darker shades are suitable for winter, and fresh pastel colors are used in the summer.

A pleated skirt is a great outfit option for any occasion. They sit well on girls and women with any figure and height. The main thing is to choose the right combination with other wardrobe items and clearly place accents. With the help of such a skirt, you can successfully hide some flaws in the figure, as well as emphasize all the advantages. Slender ladies folds will help to add the necessary volume in the hips.