Fashion trends: how to properly tuck men's jeans

Any update of the wardrobe, male or female, requires certain financial costs. There are not always opportunities for this, but this is not a reason to refuse to look stylish . And modern democratic fashion allows you to achieve this with easy and affordable means, especially in relation to jeans.

How did the fashion for tucked jeans come about?

The initially tucked-down hem of the jeans served practical purposes. In this way, they tried to protect clothes from dirt. Especially often cycling lovers did this . But gradually, by the end of the last century, this way of wearing became fashionable, and not only among young people, but also among adults.

Help ! In Europe, even older men wear jeans in this way, and combine them with top-siders or comfortable suede shoes.

How to tuck men's jeans?

If you have a desire to tuck the bottom, then you should understand that it looks best on jeans :

  • denim
  • narrowed;
  • chinosah.

And here is a list of those models with which it is undesirable to conduct such experiments :

  • classic cut;
  • sports models;
  • made from linen material.

Examples of perfect turnaround:

Advice ! Narrow skinny skinny is not desirable to bend, as they attract attention on their own and are an accent in a fashionable look.

Stylist Tips

In order to get a really elegant and fashionable look with upturned jeans, you should purchase a thing a little longer than the standard length in accordance with the growth . At the same time, it is important that the edge can be twisted twice .

As for shoes, it is best suited to such an image:

  • low sports models;
  • casual shoes option;
  • timberland;
  • top-siders or loafers.

Please note that there are two options for combining shoes and jeans, on which the bottom is tucked up :

  1. Shoes on bare feet + rolled trousers . This option allows exposure of the ankle.
  2. If the shoes are worn with socks, then the lower edge of the leg must be flush with the upper edge of the shoe - that is, between the clothes and the shoe the socks should not look out.

How to tuck wide jeans so they become skinny?

If the cuff needs to be rolled up on a straight model, then you need to do this in such a way that the bottom is slightly narrower. To do this:

  • do this only on straight cut trousers;
  • if you do this on those models that fit freely on the figure - when you twist it will turn out an absurd image;
  • on straight trousers, you need to roll up the cuff 5-6 cm in height, doing this twice and slightly ironing so that it holds;
  • on wide top and tapering downwards, it is better to maintain the width of the turn of 2-3 cm, while making a fold on the leg, and then double the fold;
  • rolling the edge into the roller is also allowed - you need to do this very carefully so that the appearance remains elegant and fashionable, and not sloppy-childish.

Techniques for performing twists on straight-cut jeans

It is better not to twist the straight fit trousers of classic cut on their own. They will look as stylish and youthful as possible only if the cuff is made on them initially and stitched on a typewriter.

If you decide to do it yourself, you can narrow the trouser leg by making a small fold at the seam first. And only then turn up two or three times to a width of about 3-4 cm.

The most popular ways to tuck jeans

In total, in the wardrobe of stylish men there are 6 ways to cope with the edge of the trousers and at the same time add piquancy to the image.

Plain or single cuff

A single lapel has a height of 2 to 3 cm. For it, it is necessary to turn the lower edge outward by the specified value and iron it. This option is suitable for any models .

Wide cuff

This is a variation of a single ordinary cuff, the width of which cannot be less than 4 cm, and the maximum is 8 cm . It is best to do this with straight or slightly narrowed models and combine with high brutal shoes.

Important ! You should not use a wide lapel for those with low stature, as this will visually reduce it even more. Also, do not create a massive cuff on chinos, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous.

Triple slim cuff

If you are the owner of a narrow model, you can make a thin triple lapel . To do this, you need to make the first hem by 1-1.5 centimeters, and then repeat it another 2 times.

Combining this look with moccasins, sneakers or any summer shoes, you will look at the latest fashion.

Slim double cuff

The width of the lapel in this case is slightly larger than in the previous one. It reaches 2 cm and is performed twice .

It is better to conduct such experiments with trousers of a straight-fitting silhouette . If you do this on narrower models, then you may feel a tightness in the lower part of the leg, which will give the owner of such an image discomfort.

Help ! You can combine this option with almost any shoe, even classic derby fit here, but made of non-standard materials, such as colored suede.

Narrowed cuff

Sometimes you want to artificially narrow the leg in the lower part. To do this, it must be folded with a vertical fold along the inner seam and only then do the lapels approximately 2-2.5 cm repeating them several times .

Important ! To complement this look, sneakers or suede boots should be chosen. In summer you can wear elegant leather slippers.

Casual cuff

This is the most negligent option, but do not think that it looks somehow untidy. Here, negligence is thought out and clearly constructed . The result is a kind of frivolous image, which is better to combine with the appropriate shoes: sneakers, sneakers or sandals.

To tuck a casual, it is necessary to bend the trouser leg 3-4 cm and repeat the lapel several times . Moreover, if the jeans are tight, then three times is enough, for thin fabrics the hem can be repeated four times.

Why is it fashionable to tuck jeans?

Recently, slight negligence and a manifestation of individuality reign in the world of men's fashion. And precisely because of this, it has become so popular to turn the edge.

In addition to the desire to create a new style, there are also practical points:

  • it is possible to achieve through these actions the transformation of a thing into another image and model;
  • during bad weather this way you can protect the bottom from getting wet and dirt.

How to wear jeans with a twist?

As for clothes, it is best for such a variation of jeans:

  • narrow white (color, preferably monochrome) shirts for release with the sleeves turned up - it will be especially good if the shirt has special straps to fix the lapels;
  • T-shirts
  • loose oversized sweater;
  • various jackets and jackets.

From shoes it is worth taking a look at a variety of sports models, for example, sneakers or sneakers.

If you want a more elegant look, suede moccasins or top siders will be an ideal element . In winter, brutality is emphasized by timberlands or rough high boots. In summer, stylish leather sandals or slippers will work.