Universal summer set: one bag, one pair of shoes for all occasions

Many girls prefer to have a universal pair of shoes and one single bag in their wardrobe. This kit should be suitable for most life situations. To make the right choice, you need to consider various details.

Bag selection rules

There are basic rules that can be followed when choosing a bag:

  • Perfect color . Properly selected shade will allow you to use your handbag in both winter and summer. For everyday use, it is better to choose gray, beige, brown.
  • Quality. Carefully check the locks, material, fittings, seams and traces of glue. Do not buy replicas.
  • The form. As a base, it is better to choose a product that holds its shape well.

Attention! Many people think black is perfect. A great alternative to it will be all muted tones from blue to burgundy.

How to combine shoes with a bag?

Stylists note that it is no longer fashionable to select a handbag for a specific pair of shoes. However, there are some recommendations that should not be ignored. For example, things must be done in the same style.

So, classic shoes and a bag in a sports style will look ridiculous. Also, accessories should be appropriate for the season.

Single style

Keep in mind that handbags and shoes should be in the same style. Laconicism with a minimum of catchy details is desirable. After all, the more zippers and pockets on the products, the less universal they are, the more difficult it is to combine them with many bows.

Of course, accessories are selected taking into account the lifestyle. For example, for some girls, a small handbag over their shoulders is enough, while others need to fit a laptop, lunch box, documents, etc. into the bag . This also applies to basic shoes - for every person there is a comfortable heel height.

Important! For sports style, it is better to stop the choice with a pair of white sneakers and a capacious bag.

The choice of neutral colors

When choosing handbags and shoes, it is better to pay attention to neutral colors. For example, it can be a clutch of a shade of powder, which combines equally harmoniously with a white, black and color outfit.

In summer, classic beige colors look advantageous. The same goes for shoes.

Basic things should be in the same or as close as possible shades. This will make it possible to compose many images.

Bag size depends on shoes

An ideal option for any girl is a medium-sized bag with a dense bottom and soft walls, which makes it roomy. The main thing is that the product is comfortable.

Also consider the proportionality of the figure. A small girl should buy miniature accessories, and larger ladies should buy medium-sized ones.

Reference! A handbag does not have to fit shoes (sandals) by material, color or size. However, in the case of a basic wardrobe, these things should be as similar as possible, which makes it possible to compose many images.

Handbag and shoes are the main accessories of any woman. Of course, women want to have as many of these accessories in their wardrobe as possible. However, with the right approach, you can buy only one shoe and one bag that will fit any clothing.