Styles of Turkmen dresses

Despite the fact that Turkmenistan is a Muslim state, and the laws here are harsh (in relation to women, in particular), but the concepts of style and fashion, in spite of everything, live even here. After all, a woman in any country remains a woman. Of course, the main clothing of Turkmen women remains a dress . It should be strict, hide all unnecessary, in no case, not short. At the same time, dresses are decorated mainly with national embroideries.

Important! Turkmen women are the most closed of all Muslim peoples, but at the same time the most beautiful. Their beauty is in their unusualness - facial features combine eastern and European roots with an admixture of Mongoloid blood.

Modern styles of Turkmen dresses

Naturally, a Muslim woman in a long wide dress hiding the beauty of her body is an old-time stereotype of Europeans. In fact, today even Muslim women brought up in the most stringent rules look very impressive .

First, we divide the dresses of Muslim women into elegant, home and casual.


The outfit of Turkmen women is mainly sewn to the floor . It can be on a thin or wide belt. Can be beaten with flashlight sleeves.

A long sundress sewn from thin fabric is very common here.

By the way, the Basque fashionable today finishes Turkmen outfits very successfully.

REFERENCE! A basque can be made of dense fabric, while the product itself can adorn delicate lace.


Turkmen girls should also shine at home. Therefore, clothes are also selected with particular care.

  • A very popular model is a jalabia with a bat sleeve .

  • A two-piece dress with a wrap over the main dress is also very convenient.
  • The model for home prayer with a scarf sewn to the collar takes a special step. These clothes are usually very strict, dark in color.


Casual dresses most often do not have embroideries or national prints, but they very successfully emphasize the figure .

The most common is a model with a collar resembling a polo model. Young Muslim women prefer options with a wide collar, hood and sleeves that stand out in color from the general background.

Flirty models flared down - the choice of ladies of all ages. The older generation puts a scarf on his head with him, and the young representatives of Turkmenistan adorn the model with short blazers, jackets and various accessories.

Important! There is an unwritten rule in Turkmenistan: “If you want to be fashionable, wear a national one.”

Fashion trends of Turkmen dresses

Turkmenistan, rightfully, occupies the nickname of the most closed country in the world. Muslim traditions and laws are very strong here. Apparently, this affects the severity and modesty of the styles of women's dresses.

At the same time, judging by the photo from the streets of Turkmen cities, one should pay tribute to the fashionable women of this country. Fashion takes place here. In these places in the season 2018-2019 also wear what is popular today in the fashion world:

  • fitted silhouettes;
  • dresses decorated with basques;
  • elongated polo shirts;
  • models with a high collar.

If we talk about popular fabrics, then the choice of local fashionistas will fall on flowing silk light materials, jeans, cotton, velvet . In the warm season, large-sized floral prints, a riot of colors are appropriate, openwork is always used.