Styles of dresses from knitwear

The dress belongs to the obligatory element of the wardrobe, which can be found in the wardrobe of every girl. One of the most popular materials for manufacturing is knitwear. Such products never lose their relevance and are particularly versatile. We have prepared a short review about fashionable models, as well as several recommendations and photos for the right choice.

Distinctive features of knitted dresses

Knitted fabric is deservedly widely used by modern fashion designers. The material has several individual advantages, which distinguishes it from other textures.

Key Features:

  • Multifunctionality is one of the main advantages of knitwear. Such a product can be used for any style and ensemble with the right selection of accessories and additions.
  • The fabric stands out for its practicality. Quickly absorbs excess moisture and actively passes air, which allows the skin to breathe. Pleasant to the touch, which does not cause discomfort during use.
  • Universal qualities will help in choosing an option for any type of figure. The material is flexible, which contributes to the individual fit and the creation of soft folds in use. The wardrobe item will help to correct the flaws of the figure and emphasize its advantages.

Styles of dresses with long sleeves

World-famous designers and fashion designers regularly offer new styles and products to replenish the wardrobe. Despite the fact that the knitwear is quite versatile and widespread, the style of the dress changes every season. Each woman of fashion adheres not only to convenience and comfort, but also to fashion trends. When choosing a dress from knitted material, you should consider stylish and popular styles recommended by designers.

A variant of the style of the case is the most popular version of this wardrobe item in the last season. Such a product gently fits the silhouette, emphasizing the harmony and fit of forms. Suitable for owners of a neat figure. The length most often reaches the middle of the thigh. In addition to this product will be neat ankle boots or high heel shoes.

Note! The competent decision will be the choice of a knitted version of the dress with a contrast collar.

Straight fit favorably emphasizes the dignity of any figure. Length varies depending on the style of the product. When choosing a straight knit option with a long sleeve, it is recommended to stay on products with a small neckline. Such a style with a competent selection of accessories is suitable for any ensemble.

Reference! The option with a deep neckline is useful for an evening look.

The style of the bat for several seasons does not leave the fashion catwalks. Due to the creation of volume in the field of sleeves, this option is suitable for owners of any figure. Slim women will be able to emphasize the area of ​​the hips and waist, ladies with three-dimensional forms will adjust the area of ​​the chest and abdomen. The dress is distinguished by its versatility. It is suitable for a strict office style, as well as for a date or a social event. It is recommended to choose products from monophonic neutral colors.

Products with a smell belong to one of the universal varieties. This option is used when sewing dresses, skirts, trousers. Dress with a wrap and a long sleeve is one of the main trends of the current season. A product with a smell can have a different length, color palette and ornament. Stylists recommend staying on a midi-length dress. For the classic style, neutral shades are suitable (black, gray, brown). For everyday use, you can choose options with a bright contrasting pattern.

Other styles

Popular are not only dresses with sleeves. With a variety of choices, it is recommended to pay attention to other relevant models.

Draped products will be the right choice for a romantic or evening look. They are distinguished by a large number of folds or frills, which originally complement the thing. Particularly harmonious look models with an open back.

Dress style noodles appeared on the market relatively recently. This option resembles an elongated turtleneck with a short sleeve. The wardrobe item is characterized by elasticity and a dragging-out effect. With its help it is possible to emphasize a figure favorably.

Advice! This style is quite versatile. Suitable for combination with sneakers, slip-on shoes or heeled sandals.

Most fashion designers offer fashionistas to opt for an open dress. The main difference of this model is the complete absence of sleeves or straps. The option is suitable for attending a party, going on a date. Solid products, complemented by a competent top, come in handy for an evening ensemble.

Features of choice


  • It is recommended that you pay special attention to the quality of the seams before purchasing the product. The lines should be even, without sticking out threads and loops. A slight defect in use can cause damage to the entire dress.
  • Additional elements must be firmly glued (sewn). In the absence of the necessary fastening, the accessories will quickly come off, which will spoil the appearance of the product.
  • Before shopping, you should definitely try on a dress. A dress of one style on each figure will look different. When choosing, you need to focus on the characteristics of your body and forms.
  • When choosing a fitting style, you should think about underwear in advance. Such a dress tightly fits the figure, which can cause the appearance of elastic bands, lace or fasteners. Such an outfit can become defiant and vulgar.

Knitted materials never lose their relevance. The texture is used to sew many wardrobe items and is deservedly very popular among fashionistas. A dress made of thick knitwear will be a competent and stylish replenishment in any wardrobe.