Styles of dresses that add charm after 50

Women are always happy for men's attention, no matter how old they are. Each season, designers come up with new trends and colors that will be fashionable. And women follow these trends, completely forgetting that men have their own opinions on this. So, what dresses attract men to women of all ages?

Dress styles

Sheath Dress

The familiar sheath dress has a simple yet winning style. This dress is rather narrow, medium length, without long sleeves, with a round neckline in front and a closed back. Such a dress is able to emphasize the waist and rounded shapes of the lady. Deep cuts and lengths of “mini” are not provided for such dresses, so the sheath dress is suitable for evening outs and for going to work. A girl with any form can choose such a dress. The variety of fabrics and options for doing this. Men find the case a very feminine classic dress that will never go out of style.


A-line can resemble a straight-cut dress. But the A-silhouette focuses on the woman's chest, becoming more free to the bottom. Men in such dresses like eye-catching breasts, while the A-silhouette always looks light and spring-like. The main advantage of this dress is that it suits women with a tummy and hips. A-line dress does not fit problem areas, but it is not shapeless.

Greek dress

One of the most feminine options for dresses. There are many options for the execution of such a dress: on one shoulder, short, long, with a smell, evening and so on. Greek dresses are sewn of light translucent fabric, emphasize the silhouette and have a slight asymmetry. In everyday life, these dresses are worn more often in the summer. In men, on a subconscious level, a woman in a Greek dress is associated with a goddess. The same goes for young girls and adult women.


The fitted dress-sundress with buttons can be on both thin and wide straps. Such a sundress can serve both for work and for summer holidays. It goes to all women, regardless of age. Dress-sundress emphasizes the individuality of a woman, at the same time not being too frank and vulgar.

Little black dress

Another classic option that is versatile and easy to execute. The simplest style of a small black dress is above the knees, fitting a cut. Such a dress should emphasize the figure and open the legs. Black color in men is associated with elegance and style, and a woman in such a dress cannot be blamed for the lack of taste.

Dresses that do not like men

What men do not like among women's dresses:

  1. Tunic dresses and other shapeless styles;
  2. Too vulgar and open dresses;
  3. Closed dresses to the floor;
  4. Tutu dresses;
  5. Baby dollars (short loose dresses with a high waist).

Also, men do not like the abundance of prints, too bright colors and an excess of large details. The dress should not be vulgar, too short, or, conversely, closed and shapeless. Aged classics - weapons for all occasions, which should be in the wardrobe of every girl.