How should the colors of men's shoes and trousers be combined

In most cases, the process of selecting shoes and trousers is difficult for men and takes a lot of time. There are certain recommendations, having studied which, you can correctly make a wardrobe. Further in the article read about how to correctly combine the colors of shoes and trousers.

The rules for combining the colors of shoes and men's trousers

It is especially important to follow the traditional rules of color matching when classic looks are considered . In this case, the experiments are inappropriate.

Consider the basic rules:

Black color and all shades of brown to combine is not desirable. Historically, black is official and formal, and brown is everyday . Such a contradiction of attitudes can introduce disharmony.

Shoes should be in the tone of the trousers or darker in several shades . It should not be too contrasting.

In the business dress code, the belt is matched to the shade of the shoe. This gives the appearance of integrity and completeness.

For casual and smart casual, we can choose a belt for the color of a bag or watch strap.

Business (office) dress code

Men's fashion is more conservative than women's. In the business style, many trends have been developed and defended the right to exist for centuries. So, the actual colors of the office style are black and brown .

Shoes for black pants

Choosing shoes for black pants is much easier than for clothes of other colors. After all, this is the most popular shade, combined with many colors. Proven bow - shoes and trousers in black .

Shades of blue, green, and lilac in the style of “smart casual” look beautiful. Many stylists suggest breaking the basic rule above and wearing black trousers with brown shoes.

In this case, you should carefully select the texture and shade. For example, with strict models it is definitely not worth wearing light brown shoes.

Important! The combination of black trousers and snow-white shoes is considered very controversial.

Navy suit

Blue is very popular because it looks harmonious in different situations . Pick up shoes for blue things is not difficult. The most suitable colors are brown, dark cherry and black .

Advice! It is better to refuse light shades. Light blue loafers look spectacular with blue loose-fitting pants.

It is appropriate to say here about the traditions of different countries. For example, Americans and Italians are more relaxed and wear brown shoes even during business meetings. The British are more pedantic, restrained and will prefer a combination of a blue suit and black shoes. The British trend is supported by most Russian men.

Reference! The combination of brown and blue is considered noble and elegant.

Dark gray suit

In terms of formality, it stands at about the same level as discussed above. This is a popular classic color, combined with many shirts and ties. In this case, the recommendations coincide with the black suit .

Shoes of dark brown and maroon color are appropriate. Gray is considered to be cold color, and brown, on the contrary, is warm. This combination is considered balanced. But light brown boots will not work.

Brown suit

A combination of gray and black shoes with a brown suit or trousers is not recommended.

Khaki suit (trousers)

Khaki is combined with brown shoes - both dark and light shades . However, a fitting is needed here, since the variety of options for khaki and brown is very extensive.

You can also try black if khaki with a gray tint.

Lack of dress code

When the dress code is not defined, then the rules can no longer be taken into account . The main condition will be a harmonious combination of colors of trousers and shoes. For example, you can safely wear brown boots to black jeans.

Attention! If there are difficulties in choosing shoes for a free style, then you should refer to the recommendations of the office dress code.

Shoes under white pants

Men wear snow-white trousers usually in summer. Therefore, shoes are bought lightweight, their color is selected for a shirt, pullover or belt.

In the everyday version, shoes of various catchy colors are acceptable - blue, red, green and others .

Important! The darker the top of the dress, the darker the shoes should be. Also take a look at the shades of nude or brown.

Under chinos

Chinos are one of the sought-after items in men's wardrobe . They can be worn for a variety of occasions, including formal negotiations and meetings. However, choosing shoes for them is not as easy as it might seem.

Of course, you can experiment with colors and designs, but it is better to give preference to neutral shades . All options in most cases will go well with dark brown shoes.

General recommendations

Each case is individual, and it is better to rely on your own taste. After all, the main thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your chosen clothes.

However, there are some general recommendations worth knowing:

  • The combination of blue trousers and dark brown shoes is considered to be an ideal outfit.
  • Classics of the genre - black shoes and trousers.
  • Putting on chinos, do not be afraid of experiments . This is the key to a successful choice.
  • Plain shoes always look better than multi-colored.
  • Dark shades of shoes are more versatile than light. To them you can pick up more combinations.

We hope that the article will be useful and help you choose the right color combination of trousers and shoes. To avoid mistakes, use more universal colors, but do not be afraid of experiments.