How to sew silk pajamas

The stores now have a huge assortment of women's clothing, but if you don’t like anything or the price of the item is too expensive, you can use this master class and sew yourself beautiful silk pajamas. Having spent quite a bit of effort and money on materials, you will delight yourself with a new little thing in which it is convenient not only to sleep, but also to enjoy walking at home, feeling irresistible.

How to sew silk pajamas with your own hands

Sewing silk pajamas is not difficult at all, having at least some sewing skills. Such clothes should be comfortable and free, so taking measurements is not difficult. Matter itself is capricious and has the ability to “slide” and move out, so it’s better for beginners to start with a simple pattern.

What will be needed for work

Not many tools and materials come in handy for work. You need to buy a silk fabric to your taste about 1 meter long, an elastic band for shorts about 50 cm and a width of 55-60 cm, the length will depend on the volume of the waist. You can also purchase lace dressing to decorate the top of the shirt or the bottom of the shorts. The rest will need standard tools: scissors, pins, needles, crayon, sewing machine and the pattern itself.


The fabric must be bought more than 1 meter, perhaps the remainder of the canvas is useful for any part.

We select a model

The choice of model depends on your physique and preferences. In addition, it is better to make silk pajamas a little more spacious so that it does not restrict movements and is comfortable for sleeping. Main models:

Pajamas with short shorts. It is suitable not only for sleep, but also for a cozy home pastime. The model is ideal in the summertime, as it will be cool to sleep, silk refers to fabrics that are quickly cooled.

Pajamas with long pants . Now such a model has become fashionable for social events. But for the house, it is suitable for girls with large forms, as it will hide the excess. Although in such pajamas of interesting colors you can arrange themed girls nights and arrange a photo shoot, it looks very stylish.

Pajamas with a T-shirt or T-shirt. Here the difference in models is small, the shirt should be chosen by girls who want a more seductive night ensemble of clothes, lace can be sewn to the top of the T-shirt, which will give it more charm and charm. Pajamas with a t-shirt wears casual style, long pants fit this top.

Sewing silk pajamas: a step-by-step guide

Below is a step-by-step and detailed workshop on cutting and sewing pajamas and silk.

Take measurements

Before sewing the product, take measurements. Using a centimeter, you can measure your volumes yourself or ask someone to help. To sew the product, you need the following parameters - chest, waist and hips. Everything is very simple.


Seam allowances can be made much more, as home clothes look better when they are loose and do not constrain movements.

Making a pattern of silk pajamas with shorts

The next step will be a pattern. It is very simple for silk pajamas and consists of only six parts. This is the front half of the shorts, consisting of 2 parts, the back - also consists of 2 parts. The pattern of the top includes two parts - these are canvas with a fold on the front and back sides. When drawing a diagram on a sheet of paper, you must remember about allowances for seams. It is advisable to leave 1–2 cm from the sides, and it is better to leave about 3 cm from the bottom of the product, let an allowance of 5 cm remain on the top of the shorts, so it will be easier to tuck the fabric and raise the elastic band thicker.

Cutting the fabric

After all the manipulations with taking measurements and the drawing of the pattern, you need to start cutting the canvas. Before sewing, the silk must be thoroughly steamed, but very carefully so as not to spoil the fabric. Cut the pattern and attach it to the fabric, carefully pin it with pins or needles to the fabric so that it does not move out, and draw a small outline around the detail field to cut out very carefully.

Create individual parts.

We lay separately the details of the bottom and top of silk pajamas, prepare the elastic for shorts. You can start stitching any detail: either shorts or a top, it will take about an hour to do everything. A silk fabric folded in several layers is suitable as a strapless or you can buy ready-made ribbons that are adjustable in height, it will be much more convenient with them.

We are assembling

First you need to sew shorts:

  1. Sew two halves of shorts along the side cuts.
  2. After stitching along the inner seam, two half-trousers should come out.
  3. Next, insert them into each other and flash them along the central seam.
  4. Turn the product to the wrong side, bend and work the bottom.
  5. Tighten the top of the shorts in the place where the elastic will be, and flash, leaving holes for its entrance.
  6. Insert gum.

We pass to tailoring of a top:

  1. First you need to sew tucks on the front canvas.
  2. Stitching front and back of the canvas on the side cuts.
  3. Sew the finished ribbons to the top of the top. If the straps are home-made, then it is necessary to cut two strips of cloth about 1.5 cm wide, and the length must be measured by your own standards and stitched.
  4. Sew a stitch for the top, its pattern completely repeats the top of the front and back of the main pattern, but it will be about 4-5 cm wide.
  5. To process and bend the bottom of the shirt, optionally sew on lace.

Pajamas are ready! Next, you need to wash the product, and you can safely put on.

Final stage

You can decorate silk pajamas at your discretion: sew lace to the bottom of the shorts or to the top of the top along the neckline, you can decorate with sequins or rhinestones. After all the manipulations with the decoration, it is necessary to check: whether the product is sewn in good quality, whether there are sticking out threads and how smooth the seam is.

Tips for needlewomen how to easily sew silk pajamas

Introducing a few tricks for making silk pajamas:

  1. Silk is a capricious and sliding fabric, before sewing it is necessary to steam it well.
  2. Do not choose catchy colors, as for home pajamas, plain and calm prints are better.
  3. For decor, you should choose expensive and high-quality lace, otherwise the product will quickly lose its attractive appearance.
  4. The pattern can be used not only for pajamas, but also for ordinary shorts and trousers or tops. They are no different.

Cozy pajamas from flowing silk are ready, it will be nice to sleep in it and just use as home clothes.