How to make a paper bag

Holidays are always accompanied by the active preparation of gifts for loved ones. Of great importance is the packaging in which the present is located. Sometimes among the variety it is difficult to choose the right packaging. With a little effort, you can make a paper bag that is useful in any situation.

Preparatory process

First of all, you need to determine the size and types of bags. This can be a special gift bag, an original clutch for a gift to a girl, or a small children's handbag to pack a little surprise. When a suitable variety is selected, we proceed to preparation.

Materials and tools :

  • paper (you can use color);
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • gouache, napkins with ornaments, rhinestones stickers for decoration (other materials are also suitable).

After preparing the necessary material, we proceed to work.

Help It is recommended to pick up thick paper, for example, whatman paper. Fine base materials will tear quickly.

Gift bag

A gift wrapped in a special handbag or bag always leaves more pleasant memories. Especially if the packaging is made by hand.

For work, you can use the following template. The contours indicate the folds of the handbag.

Attention! The dimensions of the package can be slightly increased by adding a few centimeters.

Transfer the template to the selected paper. Mark the corners with a pencil, make contours for bending and slots for pens. Carefully cut out on the affixed tags.

Tip. Instead of openings for pens, you can make a small strap made of satin ribbon. In this case, do not draw holes.

We bend the paper in the places where the contour passes. Pay particular attention to marked corners. Using a glue gun, glue the bottom of the package, then the sides. The base of the handbag is made.

Pens and decor

For the strap, cut off the satin ribbon of the required length. It can be short or long so that the bag can be hung on the shoulder . Glue the ribbon on the inside of the accessory.

Gift bag is ready.

For additional decoration, you can use many options: clippings with bright colors, rhinestones, sequins . For example, a handbag can be glued with gift foil or shiny paper. In the bottom corner place a bouquet cut out of paper or a sticker on New Year's theme. Decorate areas of pens or strap with rhinestones.

Make a clutch

In the wardrobe of each girl there are sure to be several small clutch handbags that are easy to pick up for any situation and ensemble. An original addition will be a clutch made of paper.

You can take a ready-made template as a basis.

Important! A clutch is recommended to be made of colored cardboard.

We fold the large part twice along the contour. We turn the side parts with an accordion, adhering to the contour. Then glue the side parts to the inside of the pocket.

We bend the upper part along the contour and glue it. It should cover both halves of the clutch.

The little handbag is ready. In the center of the top, on the wrong side, you can make an additional clasp, decorate the clutch itself with rhinestones and a chain.

How to make a baby bag

Girls from an early age love beautiful, original things, including accessories. As a gift to a young princess, you can make a small bag of paper. It can be used as an addition to a gift. And later store small toys or hair ornaments in it.

As a basis, a ready-made template is suitable.

We transfer the template to the cardboard, mark out the location of the handles and the contours for folding. Carefully cut the workpiece. We bend the cardboard at the fold several times, so that when gluing the process is easier.

We proceed to the fastening of parts. We form a stable bottom and walls of the accessory. Observing accuracy, gradually glue each component. When working, you can use a glue gun or glue-pencil.

The final step is decorating the handbag. For a children's version of the product, stickers with your favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters, flowers or animals are suitable.

Important! Instead of stickers also use clippings from magazines, which are attached with glue.

Paper Bag Tips

A few recommendations will help in the proper conduct of the manufacturing process.

  • An addendum to a gift paper bag can be a handmade card . It can be attached to a small ribbon and tied to the handle of a bag.
  • Be careful when working. Choose scissors with a rounded end and stable rings. This will help prevent possible injury.
  • To decorate the clutch, fabric textures are suitable . For example, a tulle product will be particularly original. To do this, the material is glued to the workpiece, and after the handbag can be collected. The fabric should be distributed more freely so that it does not tear during assembly. In the area of ​​the corner, several small folds will look great.
  • When decorating with shiny paper, it is recommended to first glue the patterns of the handbag, and then proceed to assembly . It will be more difficult to stick around the corners and bend places on the assembled product.
  • To decorate children's bags, use animal blanks from felt. For example, the ladybug that children love so much will be a great option.
  • Choose paper with a dense texture . The usual album sheet will tear quickly and will not be able to please the owner of the original accessory.
  • Many needlewomen at registration neatly fold the sides into an accordion. So the product is more original. To do this, draw the same vertical stripes on the finished parts and bend along the contour to get an accordion.

A gift helps to express your sympathy and show the most tender feelings towards another person. Do-it-yourself surprises are always distinguished by special warmth and care. Using a few simple templates and guided by descriptions, you can craft a small gift bag. Such packaging will be especially distinguished by its uniqueness and originality in execution, and will also help to please a loved one.