Fancy sunglasses

Glasses are glasses. Everything is simple. They should improve vision or protect the eyes from the sun. And it’s really good when they are capable of both. But it was not there! It turns out that this familiar item can be very unusual.

The most unusual glasses in the world

Sunglasses - a way to express your personality, a collectible, and only then - just glasses. Here we will talk about the most original of them. Many examples of design ideas look so strange that even Sir Elton John, known (among other things) for his largest collection of sunglasses (the singer has about 20 thousand) will be surprised!

Simulated melting

They look very original. As if the frame drains, melted from the hot sun. And some advise to wear such glasses when the eyes are really in a wet place - they mask masks from tears and smeared mascara very well.

Folding knife glasses

All in one! Apparently, this model was invented for the most thrifty. Indeed, simply glasses are boring and irrational. But if you can sharpen a pencil with them, open the bottle-jar - this is what you need. Wrap it up!

With slots for the eyes

They say that the designers borrowed the idea from the inhabitants of the north. White snow, bright sun - eyes should be protected, however. Perhaps they will help with facial wrinkles. In such a frame you won’t have to squint - she does it herself.

For animals

Oh yes, it’s possible, and it’s being used. And why are animals worse than us? They also need to protect their eyes. But it’s not clear whether it is convenient for our smaller brothers in them. They can’t say something, and see normally too - glasses interfere.

Interesting! Did you know that there are glasses for birds? It's about a domestic bird. And this, in fact, is rather special devices that are put on the beak to prevent birds from wounding each other.

Color-changing frames

Can't choose a frame color? No problem. A color changing frame is just for you. Original and do not need to bother. Color can always be replaced with a new one - under a dress, handbag or lipstick . It is enough to fill in a special cavity with the ink of the desired color.

With a mono lens

Surprisingly, the fact is that such frames first appeared in the early 60s of the last century on the pages of Vogue magazine and are now tightly entered into use. And if not in everyday life, then in the collection of the most fashionable designers in the world - for sure.

With pyramid design

They look very original. The famous company for the production of glasses, Oliver Goldsmith, included such in the latest collection. They look futuristic, but seem painfully heavy.

Interesting! Nutritionists, as you know, when losing weight, they advise you to eat cold colors from the dishes and surround yourself with things of blue, green and other similar shades. This also applies to glasses. Blue lenses help reduce appetite. On the other hand, eating in sunglasses is not that convenient. Maybe this is the whole point.

Glasses - Black Rectangle

Such, frankly, an unusual setting seems to be specially created for the most prudent people. In our century of total control of various cameras striving to take you to every corner, a simple and laconic black rectangle covering your eyes is a great choice. Wear and don’t deny yourself anything: no one will recognize you!


Who needs these boring and ordinary frames with arches? Isn’t it better to just stick a wide strip of scotch tape with painted dark lenses on your eyes - and beauty! Easy and convenient. That's just how to shoot: with or without eyebrows?

Simulated nose

Remind clown. True, there still seemed to be a mustache attached. But if without jokes - a very healthy idea . It is the nose that burns in the sun in the first place. Be vigilant, take care of yourself in advance and get such a pair! Your nose will be safe and sound.