DIY Christmas costume for a boy

New Year is a holiday that creates a special atmosphere of fabulousness and fun. He has a special magic for children. Little gentlemen and princesses are eagerly awaiting Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, preparing performances and carnival costumes. A lot of holiday dresses for boys can be done independently. Such a suit will be a good alternative to expensive products, and also stand out among others with special cosiness and originality.

How to sew a New Year's costume for a boy

Before making out suits, you should carefully prepare for work. Then the process will be more fun and much faster.

Necessary materials and tools

You will need:

  • cotton wool;
  • colored paper;
  • glue for paper;
  • fleece fabric;
  • any fabric material of a red shade;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • safety pins;
  • sewing meter;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • sewing machine.

Sewing accessories are necessary in case of tailoring suits with your own hands. You can also use unnecessary wardrobe items to create an original New Year's outfit.

Attention! As additional decorations, you can use tinsel or Christmas tree rain.

Snowman costume

Funny snowmen belong to one of the main symbols of winter and New Year. A boy in this outfit will become the protagonist of the festive meeting.

For the manufacture of all components, you can use old wardrobe items. It can be pajamas, a sweatshirt and pants. The main thing is necessarily white.

For buttons from red fabric, cut 3 small circles, sew them around the edges. We stuff them with a synthetic winterizer and sew it up completely. Sew the finished buttons to the blouse. The outfit is almost ready.

The main detail of any snowman is the nose. According to tradition, carrots are used as a nose. It can also be cut from a reddish-colored fabric. We measure out a small cone, carefully cut it out. Sew along the edge from the wrong side and twist. On the sides we outline two points for the elastic. We make small holes, sew the elastic to the nose. Sew the hole for the cotton in a small circle.

As ornaments, you can add a cap of colored paper, and tie a small strip of tinsel on the neck.

If you wish, you can sew a suit yourself. Such a process also does not take much time. As a pattern for a blouse and panties, it is possible to use everyday products.

Advice! The blouse can be made longer and more voluminous at the bottom.

We flash all the components on a typewriter with the usual line. We bend the bottom of the sweatshirt and skip the seam, not reaching the end. We stuff with cotton or synthetic winterizer. It turns out a rounded tummy. Completely sew up the product. For jewelry we use buttons, a nose with a carrot, and a cap from the above method.

Pirate costume

Many boys love pirates and sea robbers. You can go to the celebration in the attire of the legendary and beloved captain Jack Sparrow.

Any striped T-shirt will do. The bottom of t-shirts and sleeves can be zigzag cut for a larger style. A mandatory element of Sparrow was a vest. Here you can also use the unnecessary attribute from the cabinet. The sharp edges should be trimmed to make them more rounded. As pants, you can use unnecessary trousers, jeans or sports tights (red, black or blue).

The main element of a pirate costume is a hat-hat. The base can be printed and cut, it will be needed for a stencil. On the blank we cut a cocked hat on the non-woven. For greater stability, the back side can be glued cardboard.

For more effect, add a few accessories. From a white non-woven fabric you can cut the emblem of pirates (a skull with crossbones) and stick it on a hat. Do not forget about the blindfold and the pirate knife - faithful companions. With such an outfit, any mischievous person will become a small copy of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Gnome costume

Little chubby gnomes often accompany Santa Claus and his granddaughter. Therefore, such a costume at the New Year's celebration will be very relevant.

Reference! The process is easy, because for a suit, products that are in any cabinet are suitable. Upstairs you can wear a white T-shirt, and in addition - a vest of bright colors. Bottom - shorts. It is desirable that the shorts and vest be the same color scheme.

Mandatory attributes of any gnome are short pants, striped knee-high socks and a cap. The cap does not have to be bought or sewn on its own. It can be cut out of colored paper, or sew from fabric. The top of the cap can be decorated with a pompom. Breeches will be obtained from any pants, you just need to shorten them and collect the bottom of the legs on an elastic band.

In addition to the costume, a thick false beard is also added. The cute gnome is ready.

Cowboy costume

Heroes of the Wild West fell in love with many boys. On New Year's Eve, you can fulfill the dream of a little defender by making an outfit of a brave and strong cowboy.

To sew trousers and a vest, you need brown suede fabric. We take measurements for patterns using other products. It should be remembered that cowboys preferred flared trousers that did not constrain movement. We impose measurements, stepping back a few centimeters from the main product, cut it out. We break off with safety pins from the wrong side and skip the line on the sewing machine.

Do not forget about the fringe: cowboys preferred to decorate their costumes with additional accessories. On a piece of fabric, measure out segments of 1 centimeter, cut it out. The fringe can be sewn to the step seam of trousers, on a vest or sleeve of a shirt.

Complementary will be a holster for the pistol at the waist, a black hat and a thin bandana around the neck.

Advice! Instead of suede trousers, you can use old jeans.

Knight costume

Many boys are interested in themes of the Middle Ages, inspired by stories from cartoons and fairy tales. For the celebration of the New Year, the image of a brave and courageous knight is suitable.

The clothing of a real knight was heavy and reliable chain mail. To create a festive outfit, silver or gray fabric is suitable. We cut out a kind of vest from it to about the middle of the thigh, make an incision for the head and sleeves. The bottom of the product must be further developed: make a kind of cuts or cut the turrets.

The chest is decorated with a family coat of arms. To do this, you can print your favorite picture, transfer it to the fabric. The emblem stencil is also useful when designing a shield. Transfer the drawings to a bright fabric, cut out all the components. Sew to the cape. Any sweatshirt or pullover in black is suitable underneath.

There is a shield in the box with toys from any warrior. Using a stencil we decorate the shield with the family coat of arms.

It remains to add the finishing touches - the sword and helmet. The costume of the faithful and brave knight is ready.

Advice! The shield and sword can be replaced with a crossbow and a bag with arrows.


The celebration of the New Year for each child creates a special feeling of a fairy tale and a miracle. Carnival costumes of various heroes will help every naughty boy to remember a holiday as a special and important event.