Choosing a successful bra for small breasts

Small breasts need support no less than large ones. If you don’t choose the right underwear, then after the birth, due to age or due to hormonal changes, the bust will prematurely drop, lose elasticity and become like “spaniel ears” . The likelihood of asymmetric ptosis is also high. For these reasons, it is vital to learn how to skillfully choose bras.

What size is small?

The issue is controversial, there is no consensus. Unambiguously, we can only say that thin women with zero and first breast size have modest forms. Regarding the second, it is no longer possible to come to a single decision . For some, this is an ideal that does not interfere with activity and does not increase the load on the spine. For others, the “deuce” is akin to the “unity” and requires the same approach. Third, the “troika” seems to be something ordinary and inexpressive, requiring additional volume and “peppercorns”.

Important! How many people - so many opinions. But you need to remember that beauty does not always go hand in hand with magnificent forms. Small breasts may well look appetizing, and large ones look repulsive. And lingerie in this matter plays a decisive role. It is capable of both correcting and hiding flaws, and emphasizing or creating the illusion of dignity.

The principles of choosing a bra for the “one” and “zero”

You can’t do without fitting for a number of reasons:

  1. Firstly, not all manufacturers adhere to the standard line of sizes.
  2. Secondly, you should check the fit of the product. This is necessary, since a small chest can be wide, and incredibly dense, and lowered, and asymmetric, and narrow; the height of the nipples also matters.

And in each of these cases, the bra is required its functions and characteristics. Somewhere more important is support from below, in other situations - moving to the center, in the third - increasing. And do not forget that some pretty girls need wide-spaced shoulder straps or a reinforced back of the bra due to several extra pounds.

Taking measurements

Accuracy is the foundation of success. To get reliable results, ask another person to participate in the event. To find out, you have to girth under the chest and chest girth (put the tape on the most protruding parts of the bust). Then subtract the smaller from the larger value. If the difference is 10 or less, then you are shown an AA bra (zero), but in fact the result of "8" with a wide back or chest already requires C or D. 12 cm is a single unit. Over 13 is an application for “B” (second size).

Belt size

To determine it, you will need to find out the girth under the chest, and then check the table of Russian sizes. If it is not at hand, then subtract 15 from the obtained girth. This is a very inaccurate method, but in extreme cases you can use it.

Important! In the case of a small chest and lean physique, do not apply the rule according to which the length of the belt = circumference under the chest. Subtract 15 cm or use the correct, not outdated tables, otherwise you will have to tie back straps because of their excessive length.

Kits - no

In adult girls with miniature breasts, and especially in women who have managed to experience the joy of motherhood, the pelvis is often much wider than the bust. This leads to a number of problems with the purchase of ready-made sets of linen. Either the top or bottom does not fit. Either the panties are small or the bra is too big . Than to sacrifice one for the sake of another, it is better to make sets yourself. Fortunately, manufacturers of underwear produce separate underpants and bras that, when combined, look like a single set, as if they were originally sold together.

Breast width is our “everything”

To explain this thesis, let's take a girl who, when taking measurements and calculating the difference between them, got 8 cm. According to the theory of a wide bust and back, bras C and D should fit her. The choice between these two options should be made, first of all, depending on how chest wide apart. The higher this indicator, the higher the chances that our lovely stranger is shown the size “D”, and the smaller - the more, as you already understood, it will be better to sit on the body “C” .

Important! Narrow chest - when the total width of the chest is not wider than its base. Broad chest - if the width of the chest is wider than its base. A close-set chest is not equal to a narrow one. A close-set bust is the chest, the right side of which is located from the left at a distance of less than 2 folded fingers. Narrow and pushed away from the sides.

The size of the cup is tied to the girth of the belt

For this reason, the 60 C and 75 C bras look completely different. At 75 C, the cup is much higher, wider and more capacious, although it is also a “tseshka”.

Therefore, a girl who needs a belt 75, with a loose fitting bra C 75, most likely, you will need to take not "C", but "B". In "C" she will "sink."

Distracting and masking elements in a bra

Take a look at the models with the following characteristics and elements:

  • diagonal cup;
  • front closure;
  • tabs
  • supporting lace tape on top of the cup;
  • decorative folds on the cups.

Which models will be the most advantageous?

You are recommended models that solve a number of pressing problems in the form of:

  • protruding nipples;
  • lack of a hollow;
  • insufficient volume;
  • high density or, conversely, the absence thereof (as a result, the chest becomes similar to the "spaniel ears").

At the same time, models whose bones are not located where necessary should be avoided . Usually this problem occurs due to the unaccounted-for bust width. But for girls with close-set breasts, it is sometimes difficult to pick up a push-up.

Reason: in most cases, the sealing inserts are located below and from the sides (rolling "horseshoe"). Due to this, the breasts literally collide with each other. But with a close-set bust and beveled cups, excessive movement to the center is useless. Because of this, even a miniature breast will slip out of the bra, or at least out of place to show the nipples.

Important! A very modest, but wide chest often requires seeds not on the bottom, but on the sides.


A cup of open cut type, the design of which "collects" the chest from the sides and bottom and tries to move it up. May not suit girls with high nipples. Everyone else will note the excellent fit and the ability to wear any clothes, even tight-fitting and with the most candid neckline.


A rounded low cup covering ½ or ¾ of the mammary glands. The lower section is solid and horizontal, reinforced, and on the cup most often three sections. It looks attractive due to the collecting and lifting effect. With such a bra you can wear open wardrobe items.


"Smart" modification of Angelica, minimalism in its fantasy embodiment. The cup is sealed, shortened, props up and moves the chest up. Elevated and open mammary glands form mounds that without linen could not have formed. The straps are widely spaced, as are the cups. The pressure on the bust is where it is needed.

Adhesive Silicone

The solution for a small and very dense chest, for which it is very difficult to choose a push-up. The product will hide protruding nipples, give a little volume, but can not become your daily companion.

This is still a one-time solution for a very thin or open dress. The option is far from always suitable for creating a hollow between the breasts. The latter will appear only if the bust is more than zero.

Molded cups + bones + lace tightening insert over the cups

If you take a regular molded cup, the same problems will appear with it as with the push-up. Therefore, look at the models in which the straps are not just thin straps, but lace ribbons expanding to the cup . Due to them, the bra will begin to move less away from the body, it is better to fit on it. The bones in this set will not allow the product to bulge up (if the bust is very small) or act as a support and top-picking element.

Sports without a fastener on a back

Ideal for those involved in sports that require performing exercises while lying on their backs. Often it has very wide or simply wide cups, which takes into account the features of the chest of a large number of girls with miniature forms.

Properly spaced cups do not press on the sides and fit well to the body .

Important! Sports bras come with the usual placement of the clasp, as well as without it at all. Ladies with a neat but wide chest are recommended precisely for such a localization of hooks.


It has neither a fastener, nor separate elements. Calyx can be present or absent. The model is good because it fits the body and does not slip. Among the shortcomings can be called a high jumper. She will not allow to wear shirts or any other things with a neckline.

Without cups

Bold decision. An option for those who do not want to enlarge their breasts, but simply want to look dignified and beautiful. Ruffles and lace, special patterns slightly adjust the size and become a "highlight" that catches the eye.

What about push up?

The model "works" due to the breast-lifting inserts. If they are placed in the wrong place or the chest is too small, then you will not be able to look beautiful, and the bra itself will cease to carry any useful function.

The results of wearing such underwear:

  • In case of insufficient tightness, which arose due to the density of the bust and its size, the bra will puff over and move away from the body. Its thickened edge will be noticeable. Like your attempt to increase volumes.
  • If the inserts are placed incorrectly, the chest will not lie as it should. The rise and contraction will fall to the wrong place, due to which neither the aesthetic nor the functional issues can be solved by the bra.

Important! If you are "null", then choose a bra with small liners. Due to this, its upper part, if it puffs, is uncritical. And be sure to try on a thing before buying. During the procedure, do not forget to see how the bra “behaves” when tilting the body, as well as when wearing things from very thin knitwear.

Another push-up feature: most manufacturers of this model believe that the first breast size is the prerogative of slim and very slim women . It’s hard for a full girl with a single or zero to find a push-up bra that sits well on her. Often you have to sacrifice something. Either take cups larger than the size you need, or buy items with short back whips. Because of the last moment, we so often become witnesses of how the bra literally "cuts" the back.

This problem is solved by a continuous search for "their" brand (wide belts with small volume-increasing cups are made by Elomi, Goddess, Emperinte) or refusal from push-up. But it’s worth mentioning right away that bras of this type are more expensive for chubby girls with small breasts. Just because the product is not widely distributed.

Small Breast Brands

Check out the selection of the following brands and designers:

  • Panache
  • Damaris;
  • Intimissimi;
  • Cleo
  • Freya
  • Agent Provocateur;
  • Ewa Michalak.

You can find your own version with Milavitsa, but with a really modest bust, which also has features in the form of high-set nipples, high density, increased width or low landing, these searches promise to drag on.