Women's white shoes and the features of wearing it

White shoes have not lost their popularity for many years. It gives the image lightness, elegance and sophistication.

Types of white shoes for women

Further in the article we will examine in more detail popular models of white shoes.


Most sandals are presented in white. Moreover, they do not have to be monophonic .

It can be wedge sandals with white soles or white suede products with narrow straps .

You can wear such shoes with a spectacular designer outfit or with a more rigorous dress in a light shade.

Clogs and Mules

Open back shoes are in demand. They can be both on a heel, and without it.

Mules can be worn with catchy capri pants, skinny jeans, and a maxi skirt.

Flat shoes

Flat shoes allow you to combine elegance and comfort. White color looks stylish with bright dresses and sundresses.

Gladiator sandals and sandals on thin straps decorated with rhinestones are popular.

Sneakers and sneakers

Sports models conquered even lovers of heels. After all, white sneakers and sneakers can be combined with a summer sundress, a miniskirt and other things. This combination of cropped jeans and boyfriend jeans is a great option.


Many people think that snow-white shoes are exclusively a wedding option. However, they go well with a business suit, dark dresses and skirts. With high-heeled shoes, jeans look spectacular.

Combining black and white wardrobe items. You can make the image official .

Attention! With the white color of the shoe all shades are harmoniously combined: green, gray, deep blue, blue, silver, brown ... Also brighter colors: yellow, orange, golden and even red.

White shoes and white clothes together look stylish and gentle, but not for everyone . This onion should be avoided for people with fair skin and hair.

And for girls with a dark skin color, a combination of white clothes and shoes will be to the face. To emphasize individuality, you can add bright accessories.


These boots are combined with any color of clothing and accessories. To shoes harmoniously fit into the bow, you must have at least one more element of white in the outfit . The most popular material is leather. But suede requires more careful care and respect.

The warmed snow-white boots are ideal for winter. They can be worn with a short skirt and a jacket or a down jacket. If the boot is high, you can wear it with jeans or leggings .

But white rubber boots seem absolute nonsense, but there are also such options . After all, even in inclement weather it is easy to stay in trend.

Important! In summer, girls prefer lightweight guipure or suede boots with patterned perforations.

White shoes are timeless classics. It can be worn both at work, and at a party or a regular walk. This color is combined with almost any clothing, making the image original and stylish.