How much linen can I adjust my figure?

Over the years, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a clear silhouette. Corrective underwear can help mask the problems that arise due to age, childbirth or hormonal failure. It is sewn of hypoallergenic materials, durable and with the right choice can increase your attractiveness.

How does stretch underwear work?

A positive effect is achieved due to compression - point and passing pressure on the skin, fat deposits, circulatory and lymphatic systems . The higher the compression, the more difficult it is to put on and wear underwear, but the more noticeable are the results from its use.

Important! Compression is not achieved by using too little underwear. Do not wear underpants and body suits that are not suitable for you in size.

In addition to pulling, smoothing takes place. Folds and bumps disappear from the skin and body. At the same time, dragging things sit well on the body. If an ordinary bra can move, its straps are not always able to hold a high magnificent chest, then the modeling bra is devoid of these shortcomings.

How much can one pull on without harm to health?

To answer this question, a context context is required. At a minimum, problem areas and health status should be considered . If we are talking about a person who does not have chronic diseases in the area requiring correction, then you can choose underwear of high rigidity and level of compression. To put on and wear it will not be so easy, and in time it will be necessary to fit into the recommended framework. If you start to use a thing longer than normal, then this can lead to health problems.

Important! “Minus 1-2 sizes in 2 seconds” - such advertising slogans are used by sellers of linen with the highest level of modeling and pulling. However, such underwear is very fettling and does not allow you to look or feel beautiful (it is unlikely that you will begin to smile and shine from strong constraint). Wearing such models should have a serious reason.

The average level of compression is products with a corset structure. They will help to "draw" a silhouette and almost completely hide such common defects as cellulite, "ears" on the sides, folds on the back, lower tummy. You can use such items often, much more often than underwear with the highest level of compression, but not constantly.

Products with weak constriction will help to reduce the severity of the abdomen, remove 1-2 cm from the sides, but their main task is smoothing . They will not allow wrinkles to form, they will make the buttocks and legs even, they will hide overhangs typical of ordinary linen. For example, on the back in the bra area.

Panties and shorts of the latter type can be used even in the presence of health problems . In this case, of course, you need to listen to the arguments of the mind: do not risk and do not use the modeling object often and for a long time, immediately stop using the laundry if undesirable symptoms appear.

Does this underwear help? How effective is it?

Only models that are selected correctly “work” . And you need to pay attention not only to size, but also to a number of other characteristics. Key landmarks:

  1. The place where the laundry ends. If the edge of corrective clothing falls on another problem area, then you will not look beautiful.
  2. Type of linen borders. When purchasing shorts, try them on and see how their edges affect the body. Too thin edges usually roll up or bite into the body. Too much compression, in turn, leads to the fact that the part of the leg located below the shorts acquires pronounced cellulite. The effect is due to the fact that the corrective thing literally displaces the fat layer, causing it to sink lower .
  3. The naturalness of the tabs. If panties or a bra come with volume-increasing inserts, then you can not do without fitting. Otherwise, there is a high risk of acquiring a model that at first glance fits in size, but its tabs are shifted to the side or are located lower, above the desired position. The correction attempt in this case is striking, and the figure from wearing such products does not get any better .
  4. Fixation zones. Someone needs to lift the buttocks, others hide the stomach, the third - to remove the sides, and the fourth dream of perfectly smooth legs without a trace of cellulite. The tasks are diverse and should not be done to the detriment of other parts of the body. Therefore, be sure to check with the seller exactly how the “underwear” works.
  5. Additional functions. Some models not only struggle with figure flaws, but also contribute to their elimination. You should not hope for a miracle. You will not have press cubes from wearing T-shirts with the effect of micromassage. Just to the problem areas blood will begin to flow faster. This property is useful to those who decide to change themselves and their lives through sports. The results from training will be slightly higher . However, as an independent tool against muscle sagging, such lower objects do not "work".

In any case, you need to be realistic and understand that corrective panties, shorts, jumpsuits and bras are not suitable for round-the-clock wear . The body needs to be periodically rested, otherwise problems with the lymph flow and circulatory system may develop. This, in turn, will inevitably lead to the dynamic development of problems with the skin and body fat: flabbiness will increase, and muscles that are not used to independent work will become even worse at managing their duties.

Important! Shapewear is not a wand capable of transforming the body. This is only an auxiliary device, designed for parallel use of these methods of changing appearance. At a minimum, you need to learn how to choose the right wardrobe and know which prints and styles increase the volume and which hide.

Types of linen, which can be "corrected" flaws

  • Belt-tightening belt. If the corset is an integral design, the belt often consists of individual elements. Learning to arrange them in accordance with their problem areas, you get the perfect silhouette .
  • Belly-tightening underpants. There are mini (waist low, sidewalls narrow), midi (standard fit) and maxi (rise to the bra). The latter option can be supplemented by a belly-tightening belt or corset.
  • Brazilian underpants. The lower tummy is slightly removed, the cellulite on the buttocks is smoothed out. Functions are poorly expressed, because the "chip" of panties is to increase the volume of the inserts.
  • Corrective shorts. Occupy a middle position between the pulling shorts and leggings. There are different landings. They can reach the zone of the beginning of the bra, ending in the navel or in the middle of the lower abdomen. Length is also variable. If you wish, you can find a product that reaches
  • Slimming leggings. A solution for business and tight pants that do not allow wearing corrective shorts.
  • The slimming body. It may look like a one-piece swimsuit (with a bottom in the form of shorts or panties) or have a hem. The first model is often designed to correct only the upper part of the body, and the second is able to mask the imperfections of the legs and raise the hips . When buying such an item, be sure to pay attention to the chest area. Some bodies come with supporting inserts with various functions, while others only tighten the mammary glands.
  • T-shirts. The folds are removed from the sides, the tummy is tightened, and in one way or another they affect the breast (reduce or increase). Additional optional function: micromassage .
  • Corsets. They can be short (ending in the waist area), elongated (capture the lower abdomen and sides) and truncated (a variation of the abdominal belt). Also vary in level of compression. From the existing options, choose your own, taking into account the characteristics of your own body and health.
  • Bras. Some models are modeled, others are enlarged, while others redistribute the entire large breast and hide it. Most of them have regular wide straps that hide the folds under the armpits.
  • The dragging panty hoses.

The latter are of 3 types:

  1. Support. The level of retraction is minimal. Gradient compression decreases from the lower leg to the waist. An option for everyday wear.
  2. Body Contouring. They work pointwise, I reduce only certain zones.
  3. Body-shaping. Model with push-up effect. Disguises the “ears” on the sides.