Women's Underpants Size: Table

Nowadays, manufacturers provide a huge selection of models of women's panties: thongs, slips, shorts, hipsters. Not a single woman can do without them. They have become not only one of the elements of an intimate wardrobe. They are selected for the mood and on occasion. In order not to get confused when choosing cowards, a woman needs to clearly and correctly know her size.

Often we think that we need clothes that are smaller than they really are. Buying clothes in this situation can end in trouble. Incorrectly selected, too small panties will rub the skin and leave marks on the hips. They can also highlight some of the shortcomings of your figure. In order not to be in this situation, you need to be able to correctly determine the size of your laundry.

Data that will be needed

You will need to measure yourself in the narrowest place of the body (at the waist) and hips along the most convex points on the buttocks.

IMPORTANT! To make the data more accurate, it is necessary to take measurements in clothes made of thin-fitting fabric, and even better, leaving only underwear. Measurements are taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

In this case, you do not need to retract the stomach. Keep your feet together, stand upright. The centimeter tape should not sag, but it is not necessary and pull it too much. It should fit snugly to the body, clearly repeating its contours.

Table “Panty Sizes” (values ​​used in the Russian Federation)

Waist circumference (cm)


Hips (cm)


Russian sizes
57 - 5980 - 8338
60 - 6384 - 8840
64—6789 - 9342
68 - 7194 - 9744
72 - 7598 - 10146
76 - 79102 - 10548
80 - 83106 - 109fifty
84 - 87110 - 11352
88 - 91114 - 11754
92 - 95118 - 12156
96 - 98122 - 12558
99 - 102126 - 12960
103 - 106130 - 13362
107 - 109134 - 13764
110 - 113138 - 14166
114 - 117142 - 14568

The ratio of Russian and international sizes

There are no familiar Russian numbers on the lingerie of world famous brands. Foreign manufacturers usually use values ​​different from ours. For designation, they use numbers and letters. In order not to get lost in them, choose the size according to the following table.

Russian sizesInternational letter sizesEuropean




46M - L408
fiftyL - XL4412
54XL - XXL4816
624XL - 5XL5624
665XL - 6XL6028

Some women prefer to shop at various online stores. This is convenient: the choice can be made without being distracted from household chores, and the purchase can be obtained right under the door, with the help of a courier. And the assortment on the Internet is much wider than in any store.

IMPORTANT! Some companies use their own grid of sizes, so when buying linen online, focus on it.

Remember that any shape tends to change from time to time. You can lose some weight or gain a few pounds. Therefore, periodically check the measurements . Wrong selection of linen can ruin your appearance. Too much will frown and slide. It will be visible under the clothes. Small can negatively affect the blood circulation of the pelvic organs. Subsequently, it can cause problems with women's health. In addition, in too small panties it will seem that even the most slender and thin girl is overweight.

How to choose women's panties

Panties are a very intimate element of the wardrobe. Therefore, you need to take their choice seriously. If everything is chosen correctly, they will tighten the buttocks and give them a beautiful shape . Your general appearance in clothes will become more harmonious. And the outfit itself on the figure will look perfect.

Use the following tips to select.

  • Lingerie primarily performs the function of protection . It protects you from discomfort. It will save you from rubbing clothes in unnecessary places.
  • Since these places are intimate and very delicate, it is best to select natural fabric (possibly with a slight addition of synthetics). This will allow the skin to breathe. Pay particular attention to gusset . It must be made of natural material, otherwise it can provoke an allergic reaction.
  • Use the size chart . Thanks to this, you will much faster choose what suits you.
  • Panties should not cut into the skin, rub, crush or curl.
  • Choosing the right model is also very important . Suitable panties will hide your shortcomings and emphasize your advantages. Therefore, it is important to know the features of your figure.

Of course, the best way to choose underpants is to try on . But you always need to measure on your underwear. Before wearing a new thing, be sure to wash it.

The right choice of underwear is very important. Unsuitable panties will harm your health. And going to them will be extremely uncomfortable. Choose the intimate elements of your wardrobe according to your size and shape. And most importantly - remember that it is important to be not only beautiful, but also healthy. And never backtrack on this rule.