How to sew regiline to a sun skirt

Regilin has been used in tailor craft since the 19th century. Cotton or linen was used for its manufacture, and the basis was hard horsehair. With the help of a regiline ribbon, wire-frame petticoats were made, without which it was impossible to sew a magnificent dress. Today, the fashion for this type of hardware has returned, however, instead of natural materials, inexpensive synthetic compounds are used. Regiline ribbons are indispensable when creating beautiful waves on a feminine skirt-sun, wedding and evening dresses, when making a bodice, etc.

Regilin and its features

Classification takes place according to the following parameters:

  • width;
  • rigidity;
  • the form.

The transverse size of the tape varies from 5 mm to strips of 20 cm, with the help of the latter they form a voluminous beautiful hem.

The shape of the material is tubular and tape. When it comes to creating corsets and frames for extravagant outfits, they use the first look. The second is used in the design of more familiar models.

If we talk about stiffness, then regiline is soft or hard. Soft is a synthetic tape having a width of one and a half to 10 cm, a wide color gamut. The main scope is dance costumes and children's ball gowns.

“Crinolin” or wide flexible regilin, ideal for sealing the hem of a sun skirt, is made from synthetic fibers of fishing line.

Rigid is a corsage tape that is usually inserted into the seams.

Important! The thinner the fabric, the softer the regilin should be.

When working with any of these types, a transparent kapron thread is best suited, since even matched to the tone, it can be seen in the lumen.

Ways to sew Regiline to a sun skirt

There are two ways: indoor and outdoor.

Closed way.

Most often used in the case of a raw edge. The product lies face up, and the regiline ribbon is applied with an overlap of approximately 5 mm on the cut. Having retreated one or two mm from the edge of the tape, we are deferred. Now, if you bend the tape inside out, the raw cut will be inside. To grind regiline from the back, the edge of the product is best ironed.

Open way.

When working with a machined edge, a regiline ribbon is applied either inside out or on the front side of the product, fastened with special pins, and is adjusted from one and the other at a distance of 1-2 mm from the edge.

To prevent the edges of the tape from sticking, they can be scorched with a lighter until balls are formed.

Regiline in the middle of the skirt.

When creating frame skirts, regiline is not tuned, but inserted into a special fold, which is performed from the wrong side of the product.

Which way is better

Open processing is used for thin tissues to give them the necessary shape. If there is no way to choose the right shade, you can use a translucent option.

The hidden option is used in cases where auxiliary elements should not be visible on the wrong side.

The processing method for each case is selected individually.