Why you can’t throw away a watch. Signs, superstition

A watch is a subject many need to constantly monitor time, and modern watches also allow you to make and receive messages. Faithfully, the watch has served its master for years and is a universal accessory for every day. And what to do when the watch is unusable? You just can’t throw the clock away: the dial has a great mystical meaning. This is a whole complex mechanism that counts down the time of our existence per second. What happens if you simply throw away the clock, and how to get rid of unnecessary hours without causing trouble?

Signs: why you can’t just throw the watch away

According to popular beliefs, watches can measure time until our death, as well as slow down and manipulate it. There are many signs for which it is forbidden to give watches. For example, you cannot give a watch to your loved ones, because they will bring the date of separation. And if you really want to give a watch, then you should take a coin for it from the person to whom it was presented.

Watches, like any accessory, store the energy of the house in which they were located and, in particular, the energy of the owner. Throwing away a watch, the owner can change his life as an owner and the life of a house. For example, if, when the clock is thrown, it breaks - a broken dial can cause death on the owner. Losing a watch also does not bode well: the owner will be overtaken by a long black bar, and those who find the watch, on the contrary, will begin to try their luck.

Throwing away watches is also not possible because it is prohibited at the legislative level. Meanwhile, it is impossible to keep watches that have broken or simply no one wears - there may be a discord in different areas of a person’s life. And what to do with a watch if it is no longer needed?

How to get rid of a watch

Method 1. To throw away a watch, you need to disassemble it into separate parts. Thus, the connection between watches and human energy is broken. But how to disassemble a good quality watch into small-small parts without breaking them? That is why some will immediately abandon this method. It is simply impossible to make out some wrist watches without the intervention of professionals and professional watch repair tools.

Method 2. Before throwing the watch, you need to hold it in holy water for about a day. So any esoteric consequences are removed and nothing will threaten the owner of the watch.

Important! Water after such a procedure must be poured onto the ground, and not into the sewer.

If you throw the clock away accidentally, you will fail for inattentive attitude to such an important and mystically significant thing. And if you just throw away a perfectly working watch, then there will be a discord with some of the important and close people.

Can I throw away a wall clock?

Wall clocks, especially antique ones, can’t be easily thrown away either. They are subject to even more signs than wrist watches. If a watch associates the bad esoteric consequences only with the owner, then ordinary wall clocks cause troubles for all the inhabitants of the house where they hung. The worst sign is when the wall clock fell and crashed - to the death of one of the family members. To throw away the wall clock, you can do one of the rituals described above. Of course, someone just throws the clock away, but why try your luck?