Why Stella McCartney suggests washing as little as possible

In recent years, you can increasingly hear that there is no need to wash things as often as we used to do . And not only because washing is a routine process that requires time, water and electricity. But also because of environmental pollution. For example, recently, Stella McCartney urged to abandon the endless washing and ironing . Why? Let's figure it out together.

Why is Stella McCartney against washing

According to the British designer, we too often send almost unworn items to the washing machine .

Think about ecology

In her opinion, it is not environmentally friendly and uneconomical.

Reference. Frequent washing leads to premature wear of clothing. Therefore, it is required to buy a new one, and discard the old one.

That is, one problem gives rise to several others: utilization, increase in production volumes, chemical pollution, etc.

The implications are clear. And the reasons why Stella McCartney made her statement are also clear.

"Smart care" is relevant

Some hastened to declare Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter unclean, having heard in her interview only the words “I am not a fan of washing, ” while this statement fits into the logic of the Stella McCartney brand, which promotes the idea of ​​“smart leaving”.

“Smart care” implies several trends :

  • take into account the negative impact of synthetic detergents on the environment;
  • use liquid powders;
  • wash at low temperature;
  • not all things should be sent to the washing machine;
  • dry in natural conditions, that is, on the street;
  • iron only if absolutely necessary.

Important! This approach allows things to "live" much longer than with regular machine wash, making the threads more fragile.

It may seem that few people share the point of view of the British trademark, there are a lot of counter-arguments for it. But no! Like-minded people are there.

Stella McCartney is not alone

The views of Stella McCartney are shared by many famous personalities.

  • A few years ago, Levi's CEO Chip Berg said that he had been wearing non-washable jeans for a good ten years and was not going to change anything yet.
  • Julia Dee, Director of Total Wingerie Care, is not so categorical. She is sure that jeans without washing should be worn for about two years.
  • And Carl Chiara, the head of the brand concept for Levi Strauss & Co, recommends washing jeans every six months. And he does the same.
  • The most “advanced” was the designer Lisa Marie Bengtsson . She created her own concept called Goodbye Laundry. This, as in the case of “smart care”, is not about the absolute rejection of washing.

According to Lisa Marie Bengtsson, each person has wardrobe items that can be given freshness without detergents.

If there are no dirty stains and stains on things, just hang them on special hangers with a glass flask inside which activated carbon is placed . After some time, the coal will absorb unpleasant odors from the clothes, and it will again smell of freshness. Of course, we are not talking about underwear and other items of clothing directly in contact with the body.

When not to do without washing

Stella McCartney's words resonated among readers of The Guardian and users of social networks. And what do experts think about this?

Specialists in the field of hygiene against sparse washing due to the appearance of dust mites in clothes that provoke the development of allergies.


Although the unity of opinion is not observed here. Almost everyone agrees that socks should be washed after each sock .


But in the issue of underwear there are “divergences”: someone believes that it should be washed daily, and someone says that it is permissible to wear it for two to three days.

Important! Designers of modern underwear recommend washing it with your hands at low temperature and with mild products. Such gentle care does not deform the laundry and retains its appearance.

Home clothes

Clothes for home, pajamas also need frequent washing. But not daily, as many think. Two or three shifts are enough for a week.


It is impossible not to wash sportswear. It was specially created to absorb sweat, and with it sebum, salt. Repeated donning is fraught with skin irritations.

How to do without washing

Do you think that before Chip Berg, Stella McCartney, Lisa Marie Bengtsson people did not know how to care for clothes without washing? You are mistaken! Alternative ways exist!


The traditional method, which has not lost its relevance. Experienced housewives know about this. Therefore, even today you can see in the summer on their balconies airy coats and sweaters .

Important! Cashmere items are generally difficult to wash so that they do not deteriorate. Therefore, they are also aired between socks.


A fridge instead of a washing machine is another alternative way to care for your clothes. It is based on the ability of low temperatures to kill bacteria .


About jeans again. Since the owners of companies engaged in the production and sale of jeans, talk about the dangers of frequent washing for their goods, it means they have reason for this.

They are supported by fashion designers. They advise to get rid of pollution locally: clean only the stain, and not wash the whole jeans.

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that outerwear does not need frequent washing. It is foolish to poison a jacket or jacket into a typewriter more than once every two months. And some things cannot be washed at all! They must only be dry cleaned! Information about this is necessarily available on the label.

How to relate to calls to wash less often? Decide for yourself! We think that everything should have a sense of proportion. Still, cleanliness is one of the main indicators of civilization.