Why can’t you buy shoes in the morning: superstition or science?

Buying shoes is always a very important event. In the store, the couple you like can sit quite comfortably and not cause inconvenience, and at home the situation is quite capable of dramatically changing. Experts advise choosing the right time of day to buy shoes and suggest a few tricks to choose the perfect shoes.

Why can’t you buy shoes in the morning?

It is scientifically proven that during the day a person’s foot changes somewhat in shape and size. This can play a trick on a person who went to the store and bought shoes in the morning.

Experts advise you to visit shoe stores and make your choice in the evening. By evening, the leg swells slightly, becoming fuller, and the size will be slightly larger than usual. This will allow you to choose a comfortable pair, from which the legs will not get tired in the evening.

Important! Purchasing shoes in the morning can be a serious mistake. By evening, the foot will be constrained by uncomfortable shoes, which is fraught with increased fatigue, constant calluses and other problems.

You need to go to the store consciously, clearly imagining what you need to buy. With a huge assortment, which is today presented in stores, it is very easy to get lost or purchase unnecessary for your wardrobe. Shopping with a "cold head" works in the case of shoes.

Carrying out the fitting in the cabin, you need to pay close attention to all the parameters of the selected pair. She should not pinch her leg and be uncomfortable. With further wear in the evening, such shoes will greatly compress the foot, preventing normal blood flow and causing the body to spend additional energy.

What mistakes should be avoided when buying shoes?

Choosing the right pair of shoes is a real art. You need to clearly imagine what we are going to the shoe store for and not be avid to the outward appearance. Otherwise, you can purchase absolutely not what is necessary for your wardrobe.

Experts advise you to pay attention to several important details when buying:

  • The shape of the back and toe on the shoes. The back should be stiff so as not to be collected by the “accordion” with subsequent inconvenience to the wearer of the shoe, the toe should be stiff enough, when pressed, it should again return to its original shape without dents or creases.
  • You need to choose the size of a larger foot. An amazing fact, but most people have one foot slightly larger than the other. In order not to get into trouble with the selection of a suitable pair, you need to measure several sizes of one style and choose the most convenient.
  • The main thing is sustainability. If a girl buys high-heeled shoes or wedges, they should be as stable as possible, so the girl’s gait will be confident and beautiful.
  • Softness of the sole. Checking this moment is quite simple: you need to take one shoe in your hand and bend the toe part of the other. It should easily give in, in the opposite situation, the leg will be very tired when walking, and subsequently health problems are possible.
  • Stiffness of the legs. Buying obviously small, cramped shoes is not worth it, over time it is unlikely to be carried, and even if this happens, its appearance will significantly deteriorate, choose a pair in size.

Important! Hiking to shoe stores should be carried out in the evenings, because it is at this time of the day that the foot has maximum dimensions. That will allow you to choose comfortable shoes, from which the legs will not "buzz" in the evening.

The art of choosing the right shoes is not that complicated. The main thing is to have a clear idea of ​​what you need to buy, and pay attention to your own comfort, and not just the beauty of the shoes.