What is a women bag?

Stylists agree that a woman should have a minimum of 6-7 bags. The number at first glance seems excessive, but in fact it is not. A separate accessory is needed for the summer, for the beach, for evening and holiday dresses, for the off-season and winter, for sportswear, for traveling or for a long trip. And this is without taking into account materials and color. Together with them, the minimum number of handbags for a comfortable life increases at least 2 times.

What is this accessory?

This is a woman’s personal item. The quality is so pronounced that psychologists and designers compare the bag with underwear. Access to the accessory is limited, if only for the reason that by its appearance and content it is possible to compose a psychological and social portrait of the owner.

Important! Today, a handbag is used to store and carry all kinds of things, but this was not always the case. For a very long time, the accessory acted only as a substitute for a wallet. The method of use has changed only with Louis XIV.

Types of Women's Handbags

Distinguish between everyday, evening, seasonal and sports models. There is also a separation according to the type of shape (square, round, bag, rectangular) and the ability to support this form (soft, hard). The third basic classification is based on size, the fourth on material. The fifth is built on the principle of closing. The following mechanisms are encountered:

  • valve;
  • magnetic button;
  • drawstring;
  • frame lock;
  • lightning.

Attention! Seasonality is not an empty phrase. For the summer, bright print patterns are sewn, and light materials are often used to create them. With a down jacket or a fur coat, a similar bag will not look harmonious.

The listed parameters are key. Based on them, it is easy to choose a solution for a specific situation and for a specific bow . Characteristics are also the basis of species separation (classification by style).

Common options:

  1. Bag. Simplified backpack model. Tied to a drawstring, worn behind his back.
  2. Pouch. Sewn from satin or silk. It happens everyday and evening.
  3. Tablet. A miniature bag in which only trifles are placed.
  4. Doctoral. The body is round and rigid, the bag does not change shape. The bottom is flat, the handles are small.
  5. Bowler. Another bag with puffy sides and an even hard bottom.
  6. Minodier. Mini handbag, usually made of metal. Top richly inlaid.
  7. Hobo. Soft often spacious model, usually has the shape of a crescent.
  8. Travel bag. Retro reticule, often rectangular in shape. A modern interpretation can be seen among stylists, manicurists.
  9. Sling. Backpack with 1 strap.
  10. Messenger bag (postman bag, postman). Rectangular, often compact (there are also large ones). Worn over the shoulder.
  11. The envelope. Traditionally neat model, worn in the hands or clamped under the armpit. The clasp line simulates the shape of an envelope.
  12. Duffle. Capacious model. Included are handles and a long belt.
  13. Shopper (shopping bag). Spacious, with an elongated shape, on 2 handles.
  14. Clutch bag. Miniature evening bag. Worn in the hands. It has evening focus.

What bag should be in the wardrobe?

A black handbag of medium capacity and restrained design is an indispensable component of personal female property. It is universal, is the base and a kind of lifesaver. However, it is not worth overestimating it and making it a constant companion. This common mistake causes any created bow to look unfinished.

It is also worth buying a separate solution for every day. When choosing a style should be based on a leading social role. Key reference points on the issue:

For an employee of the office, a business bag or briefcase is suitable. The main requirements for luggage: restraint of design, spaciousness, rectangular shape and a rigid frame. With the combination of these properties, an accessory is obtained in which you can safely place documents and gadgets.

Mom carries with her a lot of little things, starting with a spare nipple and ending with documents. Roomy, soft and non-barrel-shaped models are more suitable for her, whose internal space is well delimited. Mandatory addition: the presence of a strap . A woman with a child will not be able to carry luggage in her arms or at the bend of her elbow. It makes sense to look at backpacks, which are full of external pockets.

A student can afford a touch. It will fit educational supplies and a laptop. She does not look stern or defiant. The netbook is easy to place in a domed or trapezoidal purse.

Women who work in the service sector or with people always need to look attractive. The best option for them is moderately catchy luggage, which on the outside looks smaller than it is on the inside. This category includes a bag and bowler.

It also makes sense to purchase an exit option. This does not have to be a clutch or other evening model. You can turn to the envelope. The style is neutral, non-binding. It looks harmonious with a classic coat, with a dress, and with jeans in conjunction with a stretched sweater.

The listed species are the minimum base. It should be reviewed and supplemented depending on the lifestyle, figure and style preferences . Expansion should begin with a definition of social burden. If food purchases are your responsibility, then buy a bag, bag, or backpack. Regular parties and nightclubs make sense to buy a pill on a chain. Fans of a healthy lifestyle anywhere without sports and shoulder bags.

Why is a bag important for a female look?

A psychological connection has been established between a woman and her bag. The latter is an indicator of the owner’s state of mind, as well as an instrument. Some ladies, when they feel in danger, hold the bag in front of them like a shield. Others tug on their pens or adjust the strap when they are worried or in a hurry.

Such psychological co-dependence cannot be destroyed. It is worth leaving your favorite hobo or duffle at home, as soon as an emotional need arises for its contents. A woman is sorely lacking a bag; she needs it. Without her, the hostess does not feel confident and prepared. This negatively affects the perception of the girl around. Other people see in her not a stylishly dressed interlocutor, but something excited or troubled by a lady.

In addition to confidence and a sense of security from one's own preparedness for any development of events, the bag makes it possible to complete the bow . Very often, with the help of it, shoes, clothes and a hat are tied into a single harmonious ensemble. It also helps to draw attention to certain parts of the body. For example, if you wear a bowler at the bend of your hand, it will end in the hip area and focus on it.