What to wear with a striped skirt

Strip is one of the most common prints. Recently, you can increasingly find skirts in a strip that look pretty original. She looks good both on a young lady and on a woman of an age. Only not every girl knows well how to make a bow, so that the skirt emphasizes its advantages. We suggest you take advantage of some tricks, thanks to which you will be able to correctly compose your image. Despite the fact that the strip is a fairly simple print, it is not combined with all clothing options. Today we will talk about how to make a bow with a striped skirt, and what is better to wear a skirt with this print.

Features of a combination with a striped skirt

With the help of a skirt with an interesting print, you can create a lot of images. In order to create a suitable outfit option for a boat trip, it will be enough to pick up a long skirt in a strip, a straw hat and a light top. Top to match the color of shoes. Sandals to choose on a small steady heel, because comfort also should not be in last place. In this image, a blouse with an interesting ornament is allowed, and not just from a plain canvas. A bottom with wide stripes will look good with a plain jacket. If this is a beach version of the outfit, then it can be supplemented with a massive summer hat and flip flops without heels.

With the help of the classic bottom in the strip, you can create a huge number of interesting images. It will be well combined not only with classic blouses and shoes, but also with brutal boots for a jeans volume will look no less advantageous.

The striped bottom is a great summer option for both the beach and the office. It goes well with a classic white blouse. As a bright element, you can use a bright scarf around the neck.

What to wear with a striped skirt


  • Mini. A short striped print skirt is a classic. It can be narrowed, straight, short or long. Under what exactly will a short skirt in a strip look harmonious? Classic shirt, cardigan or vest. In the autumn period, the striped skirt will look good under a leather jacket, and in the summer under a multi-colored blouse;
  • Pencil skirt. A very attractive wardrobe item that has gained popularity this season. When buying such a model, you definitely will not lose the choice. It is worth paying attention to funny multi-colored stripes, instead of the usual black and white. At the peak of popularity, skirt models in a thin strip of catchy colors are now. They will harmonize well with plain shirts, turtlenecks, golf and topics. A good addition will be a small varnish clutch;
  • The extended option. It is the long version that is considered the most relevant and daring for fashionistas. A backpack and flat shoes will be a good addition to the look. The top is plain and a large beach hat.

Creating a trendy look with a striped skirt

The top of a pastel shade and sandals on a small heel are well suited to it. In this case, choose a handbag under the skirt. Do not forget to complement your look with stylish jewelry.

For spring, a skirt in a horizontal strip would be a suitable option. For the office version, it will look good with a milk-colored blouse and pale pink shoes. A small clutch of dark blue color will complete the image.

A red stripe mini skirt will be a good option for a romantic date. Each girl will be able to feel attractive in this outfit. When choosing the top, be careful not to seem too pretentious and it is better to refuse heels.

A few recommendations when creating an image with a striped bottom:

  • Be as careful as possible when combining several striped things in your image at the same time. Prefer a solid top if today you decide to wear a skirt in a strip;
  • The strip is in good harmony with some other prints, but be extremely careful when combining the strip and floral print;
  • The vertical strip is able to visually make the girl taller.

In order to dilute the black-and-white image, add bright sandals and a handbag.