What to wear a girl with grinders

Grinders - these boots with high lacing and a massive sole, in classic versions of which a metal plate is inserted in the toe, are not suitable for everyone. Fans of street fashion, unisex, military or cowboy styles can use them in their image.

It is IMPORTANT to correctly select the remaining elements of the suit for this type of shoe.

In the demi-season

In autumn and spring it is ideal to combine grinders with skinny ripped jeans, leather tight-fitting trousers or leggings, in combination with jackets or leather jackets or spencer jackets. Thick knit sweaters and a loose silhouette are also suitable.

In the spring, you can impress others with a non-standard, but trendy combination of rough boots with a light dress made of chiffon or lace. The emphasis in this case is placed on a diverse game of textures and textures. This image is quite intensively exploited by fashion houses in the new season.

Winter images

In winter, warm skinny jeans or plain trousers will suit grinders. Outerwear may be presented:

  • Shortened fur coats, but not necessarily of a classic look, but of trendy and most original styles.
  • Draped and cashmere oversized coats.
  • Puffer jackets, cape jackets, parks.

Style tips, features of grinders in the wardrobe

It is necessary to clearly distinguish between existing models of grinders, this will help to select wardrobe for them more competently. Distinctive features of different models:

  • Classic - have a lacing in combination with a thick sole.
  • Biker - should be above the ankle and can have a different shape of the toe.
  • Cowboy grinders have a high top and pointed toe. They also have a characteristic stable heel slightly slanted on all sides.
  • The Street model is a lightweight version; it looks more elegant in appearance.
  • Boxer - on these boots there are only three holes for the laces.
  • A running version of the grinders is called Ripper.
  • Work - these boots have a steel insert in the toe area.

It is clear that there are models that can easily pick up a wardrobe so that the image is complete and elegant, despite the "roughness" of the appearance of the shoes.