What to wear a dress in underwear style?

A bold and stylish look is obtained thanks to a dress in a linen style. This wardrobe item is not suitable for all girls. In order not to look vulgar, you need to know with what to combine a provocative style.

Who can, who is not recommended to wear?

Dress in a linen style is not suitable for older women. This is ideal for girls with a good figure. The body must be tightened so that the outfit fits well.

For magnificent ladies and owners of a large breast, a model with a deep neckline on thin straps, decorated with lace, is suitable. For overweight girls, it is recommended to choose the length of the maxi skirt. Visually “remove” the extra pounds will help the product with a short front and a long backside .

Important! Fashion designers recommend lingerie styles for women with a boyish figure.

We combine ensembles with different styles of dress

Linen outfits are represented by a wide variety of styles. The characteristic features of the outfits are thin straps, a deep neckline, and lace decoration. Such clothes are suitable exclusively for evening outings.

With nightgown

Dress-shirt resembles sleeping clothes, which is why it got its name. For sewing an outfit, use lightweight fabrics. For decor, lace is used. Translucent options are popular.

Looks with a nightdress dress:

  • midi length outfit with lace, gym shoes, massive bracelet;
  • short black model, gray jacket of medium length, pumps, massive bracelets, clutch;
  • style to the knee, plaid shirt, bag on the strap, socks, boots, large bracelet.

With boho style dress

The boho-style wardrobe is reminiscent of a rural outfit. For sewing use coarse fabrics - cotton, linen. For decor, traditionally used lace.

Looks in boho style:

  • a short outfit, platform sneakers, a small backpack, a wristwatch with many straps;
  • medium-length model, denim jacket, white sneakers;
  • white style, similarly colored summer boots with perforation, a bright small handbag with an ethnic pattern, a lot of bracelets and beads.

With a wrap dress

The linen model with a smell carries the name "bathrobe". This is a loose style with wide sleeves and a deep neckline. This wardrobe item may not be lace, but guipures are often used for decoration.

A wraparound style can only be combined with elegant shoes and a small handbag. You get a stylish look if you put on jeans, a silk t-shirt, and stiletto sandals under a linen-style outfit. In the fall, a velvet robe can be combined with high heeled boots and a stylish strap.

Shoes that fit

Dress in a linen style look elegant and feminine. You can safely put on shoes with heels or stilettos, sandals. Shoe design should be simple so as not to overload the ensemble and not shift the emphasis.

Everyday looks can be complemented with sandals, sneakers. Often fashionistas use slippers on a small platform. In autumn, it is allowed to wear grunge-style boots.