What to wear with burgundy shoes?

In an effort to stand out or give their image an originality and style, many people make rash purchases, for example, buy shoes or clothes of such a style or color that they definitely will not wear. Another common problem is that the new thing simply does not combine with other things and there is nothing to put on with it . As a result, an unnecessary purchase has been gathering dust in cabinets for years until the owner decides to throw it away.

Burgundy shoes - this is definitely the thing that will look unusual, but at the same time combined with a lot of things. With what and how to wear burgundy shoes, read on.

Tips for combining burgundy shoes with clothes

Burgundy shoes are quite unusual, but it does not look so catchy that they could not be worn at work or a business meeting . Despite being compatible with a large number of sets, there are several basic rules that should be followed when acquiring such a thing:

  • these shoes or boots look best with dark colors. Choosing clothes of blue, black, dark crimson, brown colors to your image, you definitely will not lose;
  • all related shades, as well as contrasting colors, will also look great. Red, white, purple - these are all excellent options;
  • In this color, heavy shoes look great - rough boots, high lace-up boots, shoes with solid soles. Graceful shoes or sandals with a thin shurovka are also successful combinations, especially if you need to shade pale skin.

Note! Despite the fact that the burgundy color goes well with related shades, you should not make an image that relies only on them. So that the shoes do not look boring in the image, they should be the only such stain in clothes or combined with a few other little things of a similar color.

We combine burgundy shoes

What can be paired with burgundy shoes? It is worth noting that with the help of this element of clothing you can give the image of Gothic and aristocracy. To enhance this effect, you can play in contrast, so black, brown, transparent or even white translucent tights will complement the look well . Strict evening and business dresses, lace blouses with an elegant neckline and puff sleeves, simple shirts - all these things can be safely combined.

At the same time, it is better to abandon the gray color, especially from strict business clothes in this shade, and give preference to warmer colors that would resonate with the main one.

Add burgundy boots, ankle boots, boots to the image

Demi-season and winter burgundy shoes are a great option for those who want to stand out, but are not ready for more radical light options that are difficult to combine with a traditional autumn palette. Such boots or boots will well refresh the image, while with them you can and should use the entire palette traditional for transitional seasons .

These are olive, dark green, blue, violet, brown and black colors that combine perfectly with burgundy and stand out against each other. You can complement the image with a scarf that repeats the shade or complements it. Muted green, red, pink, orange - all these colors will look beneficial with such boots if they are expressed in the form of trifles, for example, gloves, a scarf or a snood.

What to wear with summer burgundy shoes?

Summer burgundy shoes - graceful ballet shoes and sandals - can be worn with almost any outfit . They will be appropriate in the office with strict dresses in the form of a case, and will be a great addition to torn denim overalls, short skirts and summer sundresses.

High-heeled sandals are an excellent pair for both business tight trousers and thin skinny summer jeans. The only essential rule in the selection of clothes: do not combine a large number of different shades, but stop at a maximum of three colors . Moreover, in the summer ensemble you can give free rein to bright colors. Even incompatible, at first glance, things will look appropriate, and light burgundy shoes will favorably complement and balance the image.

This color is perfect for summer evening wear. Floor-length dresses or short cocktail dresses will look dull and original thanks to elegant shoes, while the color will not attract too much attention and combines well with a large number of shades suitable for an evening out in the summer.

Burgundy shoes are a unique mast have in any woman’s wardrobe. The versatility of color, the ability to make with such shoes a large number of combinations that are available to anyone, ease of combination and originality - all this makes shoes of this color almost indispensable in any closet or dressing room, regardless of the floor and tastes of its owner.