What is a sweater

After the onset of cold weather, the question immediately arises of what to wear warmer. In the women's and men's wardrobe there is always a warm sweater that will warm all winter. However, how to understand that this is definitely a sweater, and not a jumper, sweatshirt or pullover. After all, all these products are so similar to each other.

Sweater as a type of clothing

A sweater is a warm thing, most often hand or machine knitted with a collar and long sleeves. The product is found in both women's and men's wardrobe. It goes well with various accessories and other clothes. The main difference between this model and other products is that it is knitted from natural or synthetic yarns. They can be with patterns or ornament.

Its main feature is the presence of a collar. If the product does not have a resistant collar, then this is no longer a sweater. The length of the female model can be completely different, while the male product should be standard.

There are several types:

  1. Scandinavian - a voluminous product made from natural fabrics. The material must have an ornament and geometric shapes. Usually available in white, red or black and blue.
  2. Irish - large-knit sweater with volumetric geometry. It is made from natural merino wool.
  3. Scottish - classic patterns with striped patterns. Feature: when knitting, only two primary colors are used.
  4. Lalo is a female model, made from volumetric braids of one color or with a transition from one shade to another.

In addition to the main differences, the sweater has its own characteristics.

Material Features

A quality model must include at least 75% of the wool. The remaining 25% are synthetic impurities. Sweaters are usually made from natural wool, cashmere, mohair or alpaca. There are also options for stylish patterns in cotton and silk.

If it is not possible to purchase things from natural materials, you can always find a good alternative from synthetic fabrics. Cheaper models are made of synthetics or acrylic. They also have a beautiful appearance and are softer to the touch.

Features of the cut

Such a thing has its own cut features. Firstly, the model must have a neck (length and width may be different). Secondly, most often the fastener and buttons on the product are missing. But in the new lines you can find non-standard design solutions with such a decor.

The sleeve should be long or 3/4, free cut. The length of the male model is classic to the waist. Female options can be both long and short. Taxing or baggy.

A sweater is a universal thing in a wardrobe that will appeal to many fashionistas. It is comfortable to wear, warm and soft. It is comfortable to walk in it for a long time, which is important when choosing things.