What should be a fashionable pantsuit in order not to fall into antitrends

Pantsuit has long been considered an important element of women's wardrobe. This type of clothing is preferred by business women, and young fashionistas, and housewives. You may have already heard that pantsuits are not in fashion today. This is so, but not quite. The usual trend has become the antitrend . But if the model is made in compliance with fashion trends, wear it safely! And in order not to make a mistake with the choice, we will figure out what a 2019 pantsuit should be like.

What makes a costume fashionable?

The main distinguishing features of trouser suits of this season are simplicity, comfort, sophistication. Therefore, when choosing, you need to know what styles of jackets and trousers offers high fashion.

First of all, we will name the main directions of fashion in 2019 :

  • various styles of trousers in combination with jackets below the line of the hips ;
  • the introduction of a masculine style for jackets;
  • monochrome colors;
  • the use of fabrics of different textures .

Victoria Beckham, which you see in the photo, demonstrates an option in which several fashion trends are presented at once.

But fashion is interesting for its variety. Taking into account relevant details, you can create your own, individual image.

Fashionable styles of jackets

The right jacket will emphasize your sophisticated taste, confidence and romance at the same time. Couturiers offer a variety of models of jackets.

  • For an office, business meetings, a classic-style jacket on one button with narrow lapels is perfect.

  • Today, models of fitted styles that emphasize the harmony of the figure are also relevant.
  • A straight cut jacket will be the best option for curvy ladies.

  • Along with classic models, we paid special attention to elongated jackets.

  • New direction - sleeveless jackets . They look great with skinny or straight trousers.

  • Double -breasted jackets are new to the season. At the peak of popularity jackets in the men's style . It seems that the most important element of the men's wardrobe has settled in the female in a businesslike way. Such styles give the representatives of the weaker sex decisiveness, efficiency, ease .

  • Shortened jackets are another trend. They can be worn not only with trousers.

Attention! Designers believe that the jacket has become an independent part of the outfit, allowing you to create an original set not only with trousers, but also with a skirt, dress, overalls.

Fashion trends for trousers

Fashionable trousers in 2019 are distinguished by a variety of shapes and silhouettes .

  • Traditionally fashionable are classic trousers of standard length with high waist, narrowed down .

  • 7/8 length trousers that do not cover the ankle remain popular this season.

  • The new direction of the classics are trousers with arrows . This style emphasizes business style, elegance. They are practical not only for the office, but also for attending holiday events.

  • The culottes resembling a skirt are very fashionable in the season of 2019. They are characterized by a free cut, folds along the waistline.

  • Wide palazzo trousers, flying apart when walking, are popular among young people. They will be good in the evening kit.

  • Designers also offer models of trousers flared from the knees . Such a style will hide figure defects and will suit both girls and women.

  • Another stylish design decision are banana pants . Loose in hips, gradually tapering downward, they resemble models of the 80s. Pants-bananas emphasize femininity, grace of the figure.

Attention! When choosing trousers, you need to consider options for combining them with a blouse and jacket style.


For this season, a wide range of plain fabrics, fabrics with a metallic sheen and pile are offered. Their choice directly depends on the purpose of the costume.

  • For cool weather, woolen fabrics or tweed are ideal. They perfectly protect from the cold and allow you to wear a suit as outerwear.

  • Silk fabrics are recommended for summer models . They look attractive due to flowing fabric. And the outfit at the same time looks extremely feminine and a little playful.

  • Silk satin is best used for stylish business suits, and linen and knitwear are ideal for sets of sports style .

  • In 2019, velvet, jacquard, silk, satin are considered fashionable materials for evening suits . They will add solemnity and festivity to a trouser set.

Important! For everyday wear, it is better to choose suits from fabrics that do not crease. It must be remembered that natural materials are the best option compared to synthetic ones.

Colors and prints for a fashionable suit

Costumes of this season are distinguished by monochrome color schemes .

  • At the peak of popularity, pastel colors : beige, cream, sand. Especially fashionable are shades of pink.

  • Instead of the classic black for business and office pantsuits, dark blue, dark green, and shades of gray are recommended.

  • Floral prints, as well as checkered and striped fabrics, are suitable for a fashionable suit.

Important! Actual combination of contrasting colors for a trouser suit. A dark jacket with light trousers looks especially elegant.

Do not give up a pantsuit! Just pay attention to its compliance with fashion trends. Choose a beautiful and comfortable model and wear with pleasure!