What a short skirt she is: how to choose “her” skirt

No matter what the women say, not one of them can do without a skirt! She, like the dress, is able to give the female appearance a special tenderness and sophistication. But only if the length is chosen correctly. Otherwise, you get a tasteless and vulgar outfit. Therefore, short models require a special approach.

Miniskirt may be different

The bottom line of the product, as it were, “cuts” the female legs. And at the same time affects their appearance.

  • If the edge of the skirt extends in the widest part of the leg, then they look fuller than they actually are.
  • The line passing in the narrowest place visually makes them slimmer .

Which skirt is considered short

Short called a skirt that ends above the knee . Depending on the length of the hem, they can be divided into three categories .

  • Ultra mini . It covers only the buttocks. Such a model few can afford.
  • Plain mini. Ends in the middle of the thigh. It is considered a model that attracts male attention.
  • To the knee . Includes models from the middle of the thigh, but not below the knee.

Important! When purchasing a short skirt, pay attention to the proportions of the outfit and figure. Too short a model visually reduces growth and adds volume.


Even if you wear a mini every day, thanks to the many styles and models, you can avoid monotony.

The fitting model

This form is best worn by owners of slender legs . In other cases, it will make deficiencies and overweight obvious.


This option will help to hide the splendor of the hips and slightly adjust the figure . This style looks best on figures like “pear” and “hourglass”.


Best suited to thin people. She helps to give the figure extra volume, makes her more feminine.

With frills

This model can be used as the basis for a festive outfit .

Important! The material used is light, flowing fabrics: chiffon, silk, etc. Thanks to this, you can create an exquisite, romantic image.

With odor or asymmetrical bottom line

Such a cut always attracts attention. He looks extraordinary and bold, so it is most suitable for young people.

Each of these models may have a different length. The main danger here is not to make a mistake.

How to choose the perfect miniskirt length

The same skirt will sit differently on different women. The reason for this lies in their figures. Therefore, it is better to determine in advance which length option is right for you.

There are two ways to do this.

1 way

  • Stand on a flat surface and straighten up.
  • Stretch your arms at the seams.
  • The ideal hem length will be at the level of the tips of the middle fingers .

2 way

The best option for selecting a suitable model of one or another length will be a calculation using a special formula.

  • For an ultra-short cut, measure your height and multiply it by a factor of 0.18.
  • The length to the middle of the thigh (normal) is calculated by multiplying the growth by 0.26.
  • When calculating the length of the hem to the knee, they take the result obtained by multiplying the growth by a factor of 0.35.

Attention! Depending on the owner’s age, the length to the knee can increase by 3 cm (for older age) or decrease by 3 cm (for young women of fashion).

What to wear with a mini to look attractive

It is often believed that short skirts are clothing of the young generation. But this is not true! You can wear it at any age. It is only necessary to correctly match it with other details of the wardrobe.

For a business (office) suit

The model is appropriate in a monophonic scale of a restrained, dim color. Of the styles, a straight line and a pencil will be most suitable.

A classic complement to a classic light blouse and black shoes with a steady medium heel.

For shopping or meeting friends

The girl can wear a frivolous bright mini and a T-shirt.

The original cut with pleating elements will not go unnoticed.

To the celebration

If you want to attend a festive event, you should choose a model of bright or unusual colors, cut.

In this case, the mini is better to supplement with high-heeled shoes, platform or stilettos.