What to make of an old tulle

Each person at home accumulates various things, furniture, appliances. Of course, they can easily be thrown away, but sometimes it’s a pity to part with them. Especially if the item is high-quality, but just out of fashion, or you bought a new one in a store.

If you encounter a similar problem, you can try to make something useful and original from old things. To search for ideas, you can use the Internet or come up with something yourself. Do not be afraid to improvise and engage in fantasy; it will also be useful to spend time with your family discussing and creating a new image for old things. And today in the article we will talk about the old tulle and original methods of its application.

What to do from the old tulle with your own hands: options

If after updating the interior and buying new things you still have the old tulle, you can consider various options for its application. Tulle has good material qualities and an unusual design; it looks great on windows, decorating them. Therefore, the product options will be made in a decorative format. Of course, everything will largely depend on the state of the tissue, pay special attention to the following points when reusing it:

  • The main material used in the manufacture. Different types of fabrics have different properties.
  • The quality of the material and its integrity. This indicator depends on the initial condition and service life.
  • The color scheme used in the design and decoration.
  • The use of various patterns around the perimeter of the product.

Carefully inspect the remaining tulle, select only well-preserved areas, remove it from dirt and dust. After preparing the material, you can begin to think about the main idea to create a new image.

Among the interesting design solutions, the following options can be distinguished:

  1. The most simple solutions in style and design include the creation of a tablecloth. This will require a minimum of effort and time.
  2. The design of pillowcases for pillows will look a little more complicated. This option is suitable for decorative elements.
  3. You can also make a great lampshade that will delight the whole family. Tulle has a soft and delicate structure, so the light will easily penetrate through it.
  4. A stylish ladies umbrella will also look great in the execution of tulle.

    Of course, this option will protect you from sunlight rather than rain. A great option for a summer walk.
  5. Wraps for chairs, stools, chairs can also be made of this fabric. The material is easy to remove and wash if necessary.

Reference! Each of the options has a different level of complexity and the amount of required material for manufacturing. Depending on this, it will take a different amount of time to create a new home decoration.

Second life for the old tulle: original ideas

The above options are perfect for home decoration, you can use them to decorate the cottage. There are also original ideas for using tulle to create decorative elements. In this case, the emphasis is on creating and complementing the style. You can try the following options:

  1. Creating special pompons that can be hung along the wall or attached to the ceiling.
  2. Room decoration with flowers from a pleasant delicate fabric. Create roses, tulips, peonies that will never fade and will delight the eye with a constant presence.
  3. Original cranes, which can be created from tulle, will also decorate the house, complementing the interior.

You can try to create unique images for decoration or combine them together for the greatest effect. Do not be afraid to come up with new styles and create masterpieces.