What jewelry suits a full woman

Often fullness causes a woman's reluctance to complement the image with accessories. But the general external impression, the ability to diversify the outfit and appear in a completely different form depends on them. Jewelry is one of the most important elements of the image. It is with a pair of earrings, a pendant or original bracelets that it is possible to emphasize attractive parts of the body and divert attention from problem areas. A beautiful decoration can give a new look even to everyday clothes, but only if it is chosen correctly. We will tell you how to do it for magnificent ladies.

Rules for the selection of jewelry for full

To make the accessory truly a decoration, you need to take into account several points.

We select the decoration in accordance with the figure

If there are extra pounds and the body constitution is large, then massive jewelry can also be selected .

But there is one caveat. If the woman’s height is less than 160 cm, you should choose only one large piece of jewelry. For example, beads, brooch or earrings. And the rest of the accessories should be much smaller.

Important! You should not wear several massive beads and a pendant at the same time.

In the selection of jewelry, a sense of proportion is important . In addition, the look still attracts one thing: either a pendant or unusual stones.

We take into account the type of face

Well-chosen pair of earrings can not only advantageously emphasize the dignity of the face. They also focus favorably on the upper part of the body, distracting, if necessary, from too heavy the lower part.

Important! Universal earrings that fit any shape of the face are studs or carnations. To make them look brighter, you can choose products with iridescent stones or an unusual shape. Glitter of precious metal and modern design will decorate any face.

  • If the face is oval, then any earrings will do. But above all, products in the form of an oval or a drop are recommended. They do not visually lengthen or narrow the face.
  • Those with a round face should take a closer look at thin medium-sized earrings . It is advisable to avoid circle-shaped products and massive pendants.
  • Round hanging earrings will smooth out the square shape of the face. They visually lengthen, but do not expand the face. We recommend setting aside too massive earrings that make the face wider.

We select jewelry to cut the dress

The next important parameter to consider is the cut, or rather, the design of the top of the clothes.

  • One of the most common models of clothing with a V-neckline requires a short chain with a pendant or beads that will reach the middle of the neckline in length .
  • For a round neckline, you should choose long chains, beads . Decoration can be quite massive.
  • If the dress has open shoulders, decoration around the neck is required, short, light. In order not to make a mistake with the length, it is worth taking a closer look at the necklace or chain to the collarbones.
  • If the collar is in the form of a stand, then it is better to choose jewelry consisting of several threads, for example, multilayer beads.
  • A boat neckline does not require a bead, but sometimes you can wear a thin chain and a small pendant.

We are looking for combinations with the color of clothes

Whatever color of clothes a woman prefers, she always wants to make the outfit even more colorful. Accessories perfectly complement the dress, shirt or sweater. But you need to select products depending on the color of the outfit.

  • Silver or gold combine with green, and coral jewelry looks good in contrast.
  • If the clothes are red, then you can complement it with a contrasting black decoration. And if the dress is especially elegant, then gold items will suit it. In the summer version, the red dress is successfully complemented by light jewelry.

Advice! Sometimes red jewelry is selected along with red. They must be of different shades with the basic tone of the dress to stand out.

  • A blue dress goes well with contrasting decorations. It can be yellow, red, orange beads.
  • The burgundy color is well complemented by gold and berry shades of stones . Fuchsia, violet, raspberry shades will do.
  • The yellow dress goes well with all the bright colors : purple, blue, blue and green. They will add originality to the image.
  • For black dresses, it is worth choosing classic pearls or jewelry from multi-colored stones . The black color of the outfit is also appropriate in combination with gold and silver. Many people use jewelry of warm autumn colors with this color, such as yellow, muted orange.
  • For light outfits, pay attention to red, blue beads and earrings . The lighter the tone of the dress, the richer you can pick up the decoration.

Important! It is advisable to avoid the color of clothing merging with the color of the decoration. And contrasting combinations always look advantageous.

What jewelry to choose a complete woman

Lush ladies do not need to give up any kind of jewelry. But don’t wear any product.


If a woman has full arms, massive palms and fingers, then it is worth taking a closer look at the rings of medium or large size.

In this case, it is necessary that such rings be one on the hand. If you like to wear several rings at the same time, then you should choose medium-sized models. One ring is better to take larger than the rest.

A bracelet

Big lady's bracelets should not be thin . Best of all, if they stand out, contrast with the rest of the outfit. So the bracelet will draw attention to beautiful hands, well-groomed palms and wrists.

Beads, pendants

It is with extreme caution to choose pendants, beads .

If the neck of the owner of a large figure is short, then you can visually lengthen it. For this, beads or long chains are suitable. It’s good if such an ornament has a large pendant : it will visually lengthen the neck and stretch the figure.

Important! Owners of a short neck and large shapes should avoid short beads, chokers.

It is advisable to choose beads for full ladies from large stones. If the beads are small, then it is good to wear a few threads. So they will look more noticeable and will be able to advantageously emphasize the beauty of the lady.


Earrings do not need to be chosen too wide, as they visually expand the face even more. The same applies to too massive earrings-rings. They can disrupt the proportionality of the image and look out of place.