What a hat is suitable for a woman in the summer in the city

Summer is a hot season. The bright sun, pouring scorching rays of the city streets, makes us look for shelter in the shade. But this is not always possible, so other protection methods should be used. The best of these are various hats.

The choice will depend on the following characteristics:

  • woman's age;
  • compliance with the selected outfit;
  • general color gamut.

Let us consider in more detail how to choose a hat for women of different ages.

What to choose for young girls

For young ladies, the list of hats is quite wide.

Handkerchiefs and scarves

These antique accessories have long been used by women. In summer, they can be worn in the traditional way, when the ends are tied back under the hair.

There are also many different options that allow you to beautifully tie this stylish little thing on your head. For example, in the form of a tape with an overlap or an eastern turban.

Reference! The scarf will suit various attire: a strict business or romantic outfit, as well as sportswear.


Basically, these gizmos are combined with jeans, used in sports .

  • If the accessory is solid, then it fits the style of “military” and “unisex” .
  • The thing of colorful colors will perfectly complement the frivolous sundress or a set of top and shorts.

Caps, baseball caps

Headwear models loved by young people fit into the urban style.

Summer hats

From straw, from fabric

Reference! For youth models, light, thin weaving from straws is more relevant. They can be supplemented with mesh or lace inserts.

Quite common are models decorated in various ways:

  • satin ribbons;
  • small cuts of lace, organza or chiffon;
  • decorated with artificial flowers, feathers, applique and so on.

Reference! There should not be a lot of jewelry on the hat. In addition, it is advisable not to use several decoration techniques in one composition.


Another variety of summer hats are crocheted hats.


Traditionally, a summer outfit can be complemented by a panama.

What hats suit women over 50

For women over the age of summer headgear, more stringent requirements are imposed.

Selection rules

To stay elegant and stylish, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • the selected headdress should correspond to the overall style of the outfit;
  • choosing a color, you should focus on the natural skin tone ;
  • You should not use complex design solutions .

As a summer accessory for ladies, the following models should be preferred.


Different variations of hats: from straw, knitted, from fabric;


For summer wardrobe crochet patterns are used.

Handkerchiefs and scarves

The most popular among women are hats, for the creation of which the scarf is folded into a ribbon and tied in a certain way. Especially relevant is the eastern form.

Attention! Older women should avoid excessive decor. The basic rule is strict lines and simplicity.

But, despite all the tips and tricks, the main thing is that the headpiece should protect from the sun and be an additional decoration of a woman.