What to do if the bra is deformed after washing

What a woman does not like beautiful underwear! But sometimes when washing an unfortunate nuisance occurs, and the bra is deformed, loses its attractiveness. Many ladies believe that after this, the bra can simply be thrown away. Do not rush! It is possible to fix this defect.

Possible consequences of washing

First of all, we will deal with defects that may arise as a result of washing. Depending on various reasons, these may be the following troubles.

  • problems with the bone : with active washing in the drum, it may lose its original shape, bend, or may damage the fabric of the product, appearing outward;

Attention! A bone that has jumped out of the bra can lead to damage to the unit;

  • strapless stretch - as a result, breast support is weakened, and this is harmful to health
  • creases on the foam cup or deformation of its edges; in the first case, the product after washing may not return to its shape, and in the second case, the bra becomes noticeable under the clothes.

How to fix the deformation of the bra

Do not immediately throw away the spoiled thing. Depending on the reason that led to this situation, the following recovery methods can be used.


A popped bone can be tucked back in and gently sew up the damaged area . If the bone cannot be restored or even disappeared, you can replace it with a part from the old bra or buy a new set of bones in the store.


If the straps are stretched, you can move the locking mechanism or replace it. This will be a particularly suitable option for restoring a model with removable straps.


  • In order to align the crumpled cup, moisten it with water, straighten it, fill it with a dry cloth and put on a pillow or a blanket folded into a tight roller.
  • If only the edges are deformed, before drying effortlessly pull them in different directions, as if smoothing them.

Important! Using the latter method, be especially careful not to damage delicate matter.

How to wash a bra so that it retains its shape

In order not to “conjure” your favorite linen, restoring its shape, it is better to try to avoid the unpleasant consequences of washing. To do this, it is enough to follow a few simple rules.

  • to wash such delicate things l best of all manually;
  • if you prefer a washing machine, use special devices, for example, a special capsule for washing clothes.

You can also use the laundry bag.

  • do not wring out the laundry ; if you do it manually, it is enough to press the bra to the bottom of the empty basin so that the glass has excess water, and when using the automatic modes, set the drum to low revs or use the delicate mode;
  • to put a bra in the drum of the machine must be sure to be buttoned up ;

    products with foam should not be turned inside out before the procedure, otherwise after washing on the front side there may be ugly folds.