What colors does gray color in clothes go with?

Gray color has surprisingly many faces, as it is located on the border of opposite colors - black and white. It goes well with most shades and allows you to create original images, while, contrary to popular belief, it is not boring if it is correctly combined with other colors.

What colors does gray match in clothes

In order for the gray product to look good on the body, when buying it, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • the quality of the material from which the product is sewn must be at a high level;
  • the thing should be sewn well and sit on the figure of a woman impeccably;
  • the girl should monitor her appearance and have a well-groomed appearance.

Only if all three points are observed, will a thing fit perfectly and complement the selected image, especially when combined with bright wardrobe details. Sometimes it is necessary to add “grayness” to the image so that the bright details become more saturated and play with new colors.

Important! If these principles are not followed, the girl risks looking sloppy. Formed on clothes, spools, slanting lines, all the flaws of the figure will be visible to others, underlined by the clothes in gray.

Features gray, gray as base

Gray color symbolizes reliability and intelligence. He is chosen by natures calm, balanced and knowing their worth. It goes well with most neutral and bright colors, allowing a woman to create the most unusual original outfits.

Gray can be a completely self-sufficient color scheme if expensive fabric is selected. Only in this case, the thing will not look initially dirty and groomed. Poor-quality things always look messy and age a girl.

As a basic item, gray wardrobe items are great. They combine with most shades. In addition, such a color scheme is practical and versatile. It is ideal for everyday wear and a strict dress code at the workplace.

The most successful combinations

For the image to be truly attractive and original, the main step should be the right choice of gray in clothes. The girl should select it in accordance with the type of her own appearance and based on the combinations that are planned in the future. The most exquisite combinations are:

  • with white (makes it possible to create a wonderful easy set for every day, you can use bright accessories in the image);
  • saturated red (not so long ago such a combination was banned, now fashion designers have expanded the facets of consciousness and now you can pick up a light gray cold-colored blouse and bright red, saturated-colored skirt);
  • with black (a very effective combination, which, however, can inspire gloomy thoughts, in order to avoid this, you should apply some bright accent, for example, makeup or lipstick in rich colors);
  • with blue (to give the image a certain charm and elegance will help things made in rich blue, you can also use turquoise or blue);
  • with green (restrained green tones give an image of freshness and enthusiasm).

There are many options for a successful combination of colors so that each girl can find a suitable option for herself. Stylists recommend using vibrant hues to make the everyday set more visible.

Bold experiments and fashionable combinations

The capricious orange color, which finds it very difficult to combine with other colors, feels great here, reveals itself in a new way and helps to create a warm and effective image. Fashion experts suggest complementing gray clothing with bright orange accessories, shoes, and jewelry to create an elegant set.

Violet is also considered a rather complex color that goes well with gray wardrobe items. A purple top or handbag of a bright and saturated shade helps to add romance to the selected bow.

An unstable pink, with the participation of which it is difficult to dabble in the seriousness of the outfit, starts to play with new colors with a gray base, becoming brighter and more saturated. This is a great combination for office bows and romantic outfits.