What color tablecloth to choose for New Year 2019?

On the eve of the holiday, excitement begins in stores and markets. Some prowl in search of a green fluffy beautiful Christmas tree and gifts for relatives, friends, loved ones. Others carry bags of delicacies to please their home with something delicious and festive.

Many people think about the sacramental question: according to what traditions it is necessary to meet the owners of 2019 - the Yellow Earth Pig / Boar . What color should the tablecloth for New Year 2019 be to appease the symbol of the year? These rules will be discussed here.

Symbol of the New Year 2019

Looking at the Chinese calendar, you will see that the Yellow Earth Boar, completing the twelve-year cycle, promises all zodiac signs happiness and prosperity. But he especially showers with mercy the faces born in the fall, since his favorite month is November.

The New Year's palette of 2019 shines with all the reflections of the rainbow and even more: from black to white.

But preference is given to brighter shades: yellow, red, white, green, cornflower blue. Good luck will bring plants nut, acacia, lavender.

The yellow hostess is endowed with the spirit of the elements of the Earth and patronizes all works related to the field and forest. Spend more time in the garden, in the garden, with the advent of Indian summers boast an unprecedented harvest. In your free time, go outdoors, go hiking, go fishing, pick fruits, berries, mushrooms - you will not lose.

Couples wishing to marry in 2019 should hurry up to the registry office - 2019 is considered favorable for weddings. And whoever managed to start a family, do not despair: the virtuous Boar very well protects everyone who has previously married.

The best colors for decorating the New Year's table

For the lord of the New Year to be satisfied and favorable to your efforts, he must be adequately met. Choose tones that will decorate the festive evening.

Give preference to sparkling, saturated shades: light yellow, bright red, golden brown or salad. Sky blue, silver, green, lavender colors are also suitable.

Remember! With any choice, you should not put all objects of the same key or decorate the room with all the reflections of the rainbow. Choose 1-2 suitable colors, this will be enough.

Favorite Festive Serving - Red with Gold

There is no doubt: fiery red or scarlet, as a leader, must always be present in the design of the celebration. The main thing is to feel that thin line that separates the elegant serving from stiffness.

Put a little imagination, play with the inflorescence: try to connect the crimson path with white plates, put on them the same color napkins, slightly embellished with gold embroidery.

Place bright red glasses with a white canting and golden decoration. Play in contrast and be satisfied with the chic composition.

Yellow-gold holiday

The Yellow Earth Pig in 2019 pays particular attention to the golden and light yellow color categories.

The sunny golden color on the tablecloth looks luxurious and serene. He is quite scrupulous in design and claims to be attentive to details. Do not combine it with dark shades.

The best way would be to combine decorated with gilt glasses and plates with a snow-white or cream tablecloth. Lay out a slide beautifully finished with golden paint nuts, acorns. Imagine a little and get an excellent result.

Green shades of the New Year's table in 2019

Another classic color of the New Year's celebration is grassy green. A serving in bright green and salad tones will emphasize the charm of the main guest of the holiday - the Christmas tree.

Try to dream, imagine the poetry of greenery: against a dark green background of self-assembly, there is a light green beautiful service, decorated with small Christmas tree branches in the center of each dish. A similar design also needs contrast, so add a couple of accessories of light reflections.

Edible Holiday Decorations

The table is decorated, it remains to take care of refreshments, because your Earth Yellow Pig is not averse to a good meal.

Important! On the New Year's table, only pork is prohibited!

Her favorite dishes are always vegetables and fruits. So she will not give up traditional oranges, tangerines, lemons.

Fresh radishes or tomatoes are also suitable. A salad with fresh cabbage and apples will give her a real pleasure.

To impress guests and create an impressive decor with edible delicacies, prepare “squirrel” - grated hard cheese with the addition of garlic and mayonnaise.

Snowmen made from boiled eggs, crushed cheese, mayonnaise and decorated with small pieces of carrots will also be a tasty surprise. For dessert, serve chocolates, beautiful cakes, cookies. New Year's hostess will be satisfied.

In principle, it does not matter how correctly the countertop is decorated and what plates are on it.

Let all this not meet accepted traditions and etiquette. The main thing - cover in a good mood. And then in the New Year of the Pig you will enter blessed and happy.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!