What is better for a suitcase polypropylene or polycarbonate

Going on a trip, the traveler faces a difficult choice of a convenient and practical suitcase for the safe transportation of things. The most popular plastic suitcases, represented by varieties of polypropylene or polycarbonate. Many inexperienced buyers for a long time can not decide in favor of a particular material.

The properties of polypropylene and the advantages of such a suitcase

This thermoplastic polymer is produced industrially by injection molding. Granules of the substance are melted under a pressure of more than 1000 tons and poured into a tank of a special design. At this time, the coloring composition penetrates the entire area of ​​the material. Polypropylene suitcases have undeniable advantages:

  • High strength and durability. Such a product is not even subjected to corrosion;
  • Good cushioning properties. The products are impact resistant and protect valuable goods well;
  • Resistant to temperature extremes and sunlight. Also, with prolonged exposure to the sun, they do not fade. Withstand temperatures from -40 to +160 degrees;
  • The ability to carry a suitcase empty or not full;
  • A variety of design solutions. Polypropylene lends itself well to coloring. Therefore, in the market you can find all kinds of colors and prints;
  • Easy to care and clean. It is easy to wash both outside and inside.

All of the above characteristics indicate the reliability and durability of such products.

Attention! The disadvantages of polypropylene products include their heavy weight and the inability to fix the lining in it. However, soon this problem is planned to be solved, as designers and technologists are already working on it.

Characteristics of polycarbonate and the advantages of a suitcase from it

This material appeared on the market much earlier than polypropylene. The first mention of him was back in 1976. Modern materials are slightly changed in structure. It includes phenol and carbonic acid. This is one of the materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for human health. It is also actively used in the construction industry and other industries. Its main advantages include:

  • Resistance to mechanical stress due to the presence of a special film. Cuts and scratches on such a surface are practically invisible;
  • Resistance to high temperatures;
  • Good cushioning properties. Able to withstand strong shocks;
  • Lightness and maneuverability. This makes it possible to take with you many different things, including heavy ones. In this case, you can not be afraid of an excess at the baggage check-in desks and a possible surcharge for extra pounds;
  • A variety of design solutions. Large selection of bright and rich colors. The surface can be either matte or glossy, and the texture of the product can be corrugated;
  • Moisture resistance. The surface does not absorb liquid. So, you don’t have to worry about keeping things in proper shape even under the influence of rain, snow or accidentally spilled engine oil in the transport compartment;
  • Resistance to bacteria.

Suitcases have a well thought out design. So, special wheels provide its convenient transportation, and the combination lock protects against breaking. The handle of the product allows you to evenly distribute the load on the surface of the bag.

Important! Polycarbonate suitcases are recommended to be transported in full items.

What is better for a suitcase: polypropylene or polycarbonate

Given the similarity of the main parameters, these materials have distinctive features that should be taken into account in the selection and purchase process. In appearance, it is not easy to distinguish them between an inexperienced buyer. Therefore, the composition is better to consult with the seller or carefully read it on the label. You should consider the purpose of the product and be guided by personal preferences. Consider the basic qualities of two materials, in comparison, which are most important for the buyer:

  • Impact resistance. In this parameter, both species demonstrate excellent performance, not yielding to each other;
  • Depreciation abilities. Polycarbonate has much better abilities. So, if the models are subjected to strong pressure, the polypropylene will “give up” much faster;
  • The weight. Polycarbonate suitcases are much lighter than the exact same product configurations, but from polypropylene;
  • Resistance to cracking. According to these indicators, the possibilities of bags are approximately equal. Both species have good performance and the ability to withstand negative environmental factors.

Reference! For transportation of valuable and fragile items over long distances, it is better to give preference to polypropylene products. They are more rigid and hold their shape well.

Polycarbonate is better for women, children and people aged because it is lighter and more maneuverable. Also, these suitcases are better to take for convenient transportation of a large number of things. For example, when moving the whole family you can pack all things in one place and not look for several small suitcases on the baggage tape. If things are light, then you can take a polypropylene suitcase.

Thus, both materials, both polypropylene and polycarbonate, are excellent materials for a suitcase that can ensure reliable transportation of things. We hope that this article can deal with their main differences and choose the most suitable thing for yourself.