What are the sneakers on wheels called?

In 2000, Texas doctor Roger Adams patented his invention - sneakers with a wheel on his heel. The first batch of these shoes was sold in a few hours, and for 18 years roller sneakers have been the subject of desire of millions of young people around the world. What are they called?

Does the sneaker have a name?

Sneakers with wheels in the soles are better known as chilis, by the name of the company Chilis, engaged in their production. To date, there are other brands that produce these shoes. They also call it roller sneakers, or roller sneakers.

Shoe description

Chilis look like ordinary sports shoes, sneakers or sneakers, in the sole of which, as a rule, in the heel area, a wheel is built in. It allows its owner to ride on any flat surface, and the design of the shoe suggests the ability to "hide" this distinctive part using a special plug and walk in them like in ordinary sneakers.

You can move in chilis without removing the roller, but for this you need to practice a bit to exclude traumatic moments. A cap and a key with which to remove the roller are included.

Important! If the rollers are broken, they can easily be replaced, but it’s better to buy a “reserve” in advance so that you don’t deny yourself the pleasure of driving around the city even for a day.

What types exist?

The popularity of shoes constantly encourages manufacturers to improve them.

Classical chilis are equipped with one wheel on the sole in the heel area, which can provide both quiet movement and aggressive riding, and even tricks.

There are also sneakers with two rollers, on the heel and in front of the sole . Such shoes provide a more stable position when riding, but it is unlikely to be able to move around in the usual step, as in the classic version, without removing the wheels.

For active young people who love the thrill, "advanced" models of chilis are produced , which are equipped with bearings and special plastic inserts on the sole . They can even ride on the ramp and railing.

Since the main buyers of roller shoes are teenagers (more precisely, their parents), for whom it is important to attract attention, the manufacturers supplied the soles of the shoes with LEDs. As a rule, they have several modes and can glow constantly or only when walking.

Important! In addition to the aesthetic effect, this innovation has a practical aspect: when riding a young skater in the dark, the drivers can see from afar.

Chilis with wide wheels, despite its massiveness, allow you to move at a higher speed. And for kids, models with mini wheels were invented, so that if you lose balance, you can easily brake .

Flash-scooters - removable rollers with two wheels on the sides of the foot and strong straps for reliable fastening in the heel area on any shoes with a flat sole. This is just a godsend for those who are not ready to pay the price at which quality chilis are sold. However, there are some limitations to using this device:

  • You can not ride on flash scooters for children under 7 years old;
  • The design of flash rollers is designed for a weight of not more than 80 kg.

Pros and Cons of Roller Sneakers

The main disadvantage of chilis is their price. Given the young age of the main consumers of this product, it can be assumed that the shoes will not last long.

Firstly, children are big lovers of experiments, so there will probably be attempts to overcome pits and potholes on the asphalt, which will inevitably lead to damage to the shoes. Secondly, even if mechanical damage can be avoided, sneakers will still need to be changed annually due to the growth of the legs of a small roller.

The disadvantages of shoes include their injury hazard, especially at first use . Skiing on chilis requires certain skills, someone can do it in about 15 minutes, and someone needs more than one day to feel confident. Children in such a new thing should always be under the control of elders.

However, this shoe has several advantages:

  • some models of roller shoes can be used from 3 years;
  • adaptation to chilis is faster than to roller skates;
  • sneakers easily “switch” to walking mode and back with the help of a stub;
  • when riding in children, many muscles are involved, as a result, coordination of movements develops.

Important! Muscles may hurt at first after riding roller skates - this is a common effect from any physical training, which takes several days.

Today, models of chilis have been created not only for boys and girls, but also for adults who want to lead an active lifestyle. They usually differ in design, so everyone can now choose such sneakers just for themselves.