What and how to clean eco-leather

There are few special products for cleaning ecoskin. Demand for them is very low, since most stains can be removed with more affordable products:

  • melamine sponges (no added funds);
  • laundry soap solution;
  • alcohol solution from 20 to 50% or ordinary vodka;
  • alcohol wet wipes;
  • lemon juice;
  • ammonia solution (weak, about 5%);
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • dishwashing detergent.

Most of the special substances for cleaning eco-leather are used in dry cleaners of car dealerships, but they can also be used at home. Among them:

  • foam for cleaning artificial leather;
  • Sprays
  • universal detergents.

In a store with household chemicals, it is better to immediately contact a sales assistant.

Attention! Substances contraindicated for eco-leather:

  • chlorine-containing;
  • acid base cleaners;
  • solvents;
  • powders;
  • brushes;
  • any substances of physical and chemical effects that can damage a thin layer of polyurethane on the skin of eco-leather.

How to clean eco-leather sofa

Ecoskin has a water-repellent property and does not immediately absorb dirt. It is advisable to immediately wipe any stain with a damp cloth. Almost no traces remain on the dark furniture. The upholstery of light tones may leave a faint trace, which will have to make a little more effort.

Problems appear when the stain has absorbed. It is especially difficult to remove stains from ballpoint pens. In this case, you must choose a method that does not damage the polyurethane layer on the surface of the upholstery, but can deeply clean it.

How to clean eco-leather from pollution

It is better to start cleaning any stains with the most gentle substances, and only if they can not cope, move on to more effective and aggressive ones. The eco-leather surface can be rubbed only by slightly pressing, without stretching.

Eco-leather is of different quality depending on the quality of the material itself and the thickness of the polyurethane layer. One and the same washing product may be harmless for upholstery of one sofa and ruin irrevocably upholstery of another. Therefore, any tool other than, perhaps, a melamine sponge and a damp cloth is best to first try on an inconspicuous piece of furniture.

Cleaning the stain with laundry soap, lemon juice, a solution of ethyl or liquid ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, washing up for dishes, you need to do this with a soft cloth or sponge, or with a cotton swab or disk. You must have clean water, a rag for clean water and a dry rag on hand. Ecoskin should not be in contact with water for a long time, and especially with other solutions. Penetrating into the material, the liquid changes its structure, and can leave a more difficult to remove noticeable spot.

Important! When using special substances for dry cleaning, you must carefully and completely read the instructions for use and act strictly according to the instructions! Any deviation from the instructions may have irreversible effects on the skin of eco-leather.

How to clean eco-leather on a white sofa

Buying a sofa with white eco leather upholstery, you need to take for granted that maintaining its perfect condition is especially troublesome. On it, even small stains are clearly visible, especially when exposed to natural daylight. And the removal of any harmless spot can result in stains and the appearance of a larger spot.

It is better for especially demanding owners of a white sofa to have a special cleaning product on the household. The most popular is Vinet. You can choose any other, and although there are not many, the sales assistant will probably find the right one in the household chemistry store.

In any case, it is better to resort to removing the stain with the help of chemicals, even special ones, only if the dry method does not help - melamine sponge.

How to clean eco-leather from a ballpoint pen

Ball pen paste can be safely called the main danger to eco-leather among pollution.

Special chemicals do not always cope with it. Even the most effective ones leave strong stains after the first application. Repeat procedure required.

On forums on the Internet, participants share personal experiences. Many quite aggressive methods: hair spray, toothpaste, alcohol solution 70% (perfume), nail polish remover and shellac.

Attention! All of these methods are dangerous for the skin of eco-leather. Their use is a last resort. When using, it is necessary to clean the surface as quickly as possible from them with a rag with clean water, so that the destruction of the polyurethane layer is minimized. And do not forget to pre-try on an inconspicuous surface, for example, on an edge bent to the floor or to the wall.

Important! It is better to start cleaning even such serious pollution as ink with gentle methods: melamine sponge, soap solution, lemon juice, a special chemical agent, alcohol solutions. And only in the case of an unsatisfactory result, resort to extreme measures.

How to clean a white eco-leather stroller

Pram requires a special approach. Her appearance, although important, remains the priority of the safety of the newborn, favorable conditions for his fragile health.

The use of products with harmful compounds and perfumes is unacceptable.

Stroller care is reduced to rubbing with a melamine sponge. For stubborn stains that a dry or wet sponge can not cope with, a solution of laundry soap, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol solutions are suitable. When using alcohol solutions, care must be taken to ensure that all vapors are weathered before the baby is in the stroller. Weathering is fast enough, but it is better to finish the procedure well in advance of a walk. You can check if the pairs are weathered by simply sniffing the stroller.

How to clean eco-leather covers

Covers car seats during operation are subjected to regular exposure to dust, dirt, sunlight, temperature changes and much more. Special products for cleaning eco-leather are mainly used in dry cleaners of car dealerships. The choice of funds is not as large as that of other groups of household chemical goods, but it is.

List of funds

The following are most common:

  • Pufas Glutoclean Synthetic Leather Cleaner;
  • dry cleaners Turtle Interior;
  • Runway upholstery cleaners;
  • interior cleaner Fill In;
  • universal detergent Vinet.

Features of cleaning

Regular wet cleaning of the cabin eliminates excessive mashing of covers. But spotless car covers rarely do.

Wet wipes for the car - an indispensable driver assistant.

Stains that wet wipes cannot cope with are likely to be wiped off with a melamine sponge and a soapy solution. In order to avoid stains, it is important not to allow the cover to get wet for a long time, the surface must be quickly freed from soap with a clean damp cloth and wiped dry.

Car cosmetics makes the operation of covers more comfortable and durable. In car dealerships, special care products and water-repellent impregnations are presented.

What to look for in order not to spoil the covers by self-cleaning

Self-cleaning eco-leather covers is easy. We choose the most gentle means: melamine sponge, laundry soap, alcohol solutions, hydrogen peroxide. You can purchase a special tool for cleaning the interior.

The main thing when cleaning eco-leather covers is to quickly and thoroughly wipe them from moisture, while not pulling. At the end of the cleaning procedure, the covers must be dried at room temperature, without additional heat (hair dryer, heater, heating, etc.)

If self-cleaning the interior did not give a satisfactory result, you can drive the car to a professional dry cleaning service. The rich arsenal of tools and the experience of specialists almost always cope with pollution.

Attention! The use of aggressive agents for cleaning the interior (hair spray, toothpaste, alcohol solution 70% (perfume), nail polish remover and shellac) is dangerous and extremely undesirable. These products can only be used as a last resort and can damage the covers. Given the risk, as well as the mobility of transport, dry cleaning services seem more rational.