Types of facial piercings

Face piercing is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to decorate yourself and stand out from the crowd. At the same time, unlike many other methods, for example, tattoos or even hair dyeing, the piercing can look minimalistic and can be easily hidden if you want, simply by removing the earring. Read on to find out what types of facial piercings are.

Face piercing - what happens?

Facial piercing, along with auricle piercing, is considered one of the most popular places for piercing. Depending on the choice of place and decoration, the piercing can look minimalistic and stylish, either defiant or bright - depending on the wishes of the owner and his lifestyle.

The chin

The chin is rarely selected to install the earring . The jewelry inserted into the puncture passes through the chin and occupies a rather large space, unlike other types of piercings. Vertical piercing heals much faster than horizontal piercing, and in part is therefore much more popular. As a decoration, a rod is usually used, which can be bent depending on the desired direction.


Lip piercing is usually performed either vertically or horizontally . Vertical piercing or “Ashley” looks best when it is located strictly in the center of the lower lip. A horizontal labret is more difficult to install and heals longer.

Options "Monroe" and "Medusa" are located above the upper lip to the side and in the center, respectively. The first option got its name because of the similarity of appearance with a mole worn by stars such as Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. The second option is a piercing over the upper lip in the groove directly under the nasal septum. Most often, an earring with a tip in the form of a ball is used as decoration.

Oral cavity

The oral cavity, along with a puncture of the earlobe, is one of the most common places for piercing, especially for the tongue. Among the punctures in the oral cavity can be identified:

  • tongue piercing;
  • tongue frenum piercing (frenulum);
  • lip frenum piercing.

These three options, unlike Monroe and Medusa, relate completely to the oral cavity and one of their advantages is invisibility, if the piercing carrier itself does not want the opposite . Tongue piercing, in turn, is subdivided into several more puncture options. So, you can perform a puncture vertically, horizontally or on the surface of the tongue. The latter option is much less common than the others.

Frenulum is performed very simply, but not all take root, and in some cases, due to the peculiarities of the anatomy, it cannot be performed at all. A puncture of the frenum of the lip, which is sometimes called the "smile" (from the English smile - smile), is clearly visible only when a person smiles.


Nose piercing can be a puncture of various tissues and places, among which the most common are:

  • piercing of the nose (bridge);
  • nose wing piercing;
  • nose tip piercing;
  • septum.

The bridge is quite rare and heals for several weeks, but is not suitable for everyone . Slender people with a thin face and thin skin do not install a bridge due to a lack of tissue thickness. An ordinary barbell is used as an earring, as in piercing the tip of the nose.

Nose piercing is by far the most popular type of piercing among girls . As a decoration, you can use both a ring and an ordinary “carnation”.

Septum is a puncture of the nasal septum, for which rings and half rings are used as decorations, which look especially advantageous in this place.


Eyebrow piercing is equally popular with young people of both sexes. Like a piercing of the nose, it requires a certain amount of tissue, sufficient so that the body does not tear off the jewelry.


The rarest piercing option, which is located in the corner of the century. As decorations, small rings and bananas made of safe metals are used. It is difficult to care and heals for a long time .


Unlike many other piercing options that have been practiced in some cultures since ancient times, cheek piercing has only gained its fans in recent years. Often installed in a symmetrical version, thereby simulating the dimples on the cheeks . Cross-cutting options are not as common as microdermals - surface types of piercings. Through puncture is dangerous by the allocation of lymph, while after the healing of the puncture, scars may remain.

Piercing is a great option for those who are not ready for large-scale changes in their appearance, but want to bring a twist to their image. A competent choice of the master and the material for decoration, as well as attention to precautions and proper care of the puncture site guarantee the safety of the piercing, its quick healing and the minimum likelihood of rejection of the earrings.