Terracotta color combination in clothes

Terracotta color is an ultramodern, but at the same time very complex tone, which many simply do not know how to combine in a wardrobe. The name of the tone comes from the word "terracotta", which means "burnt clay." And it really resembles a clay shade, something in between red and orange. It is worth noting that clothes of this color are not suitable for everyone, therefore, before buying a terracotta-colored thing in your wardrobe, you need to try on and analyze it on yourself, compare it with the external characteristics and objectively evaluate the image.

Terracotta - a complex shade

The name of the color comes from a special kind of clay, which was burned in ancient centuries, using as a building material the basis for the manufacture of decorative dishes, art objects and other small things. The color is a cross between a deep red hue, saturated with brown and bright orange.

This color also has its own shades that can be selected for your type of appearance. Some girls are more suited to terracotta things, leaning toward red, and almost orange will suit someone.

The hue in the wardrobe looks as natural as possible. He is fascinating and attracts attention. That is why he is so popular and is not going to leave the podium on fashionable stages. Fashion designers around the world are inspired by him and try to come up with the maximum number of images containing this shade.

A girl in terracotta clothes is always noticeable and attractive. In tandem, wardrobe items of the same color scheme are selected for such things. For example, brown, beige, nude, peach, burgundy, warm pink and others. Changing each other and intertwining, they provide an opportunity to assess the depth of the selected onions.

What colors is terracotta in clothes combined with?

This color looks great in any ladies' wardrobe, and the variety of midtones allows each lady to choose exactly “her”. Stylists note that girls of all types of appearance can wear terracotta, the main thing is to choose combinations in a harmonious and correct way.

Almost all shades of this fashionable color will suit girls of the “autumn” type, but swarthy and dark-haired ladies need to be neat with a brick color in their clothes. It is better to choose discreet details in such a tone that they are not the basis of the selected set.

Fashion designers advise wisely choosing a combination of shades, then the image will always be fresh and attractive:

  • with white (snow-white things always go well with a variety of shades, terracotta in this case will become less provocative, calm and seasoned, the combination is suitable for both everyday and office bow);
  • with black (an ideal and universal combination, you can combine a brick-colored dress with a black belt or choose a set of terracotta trousers with a black puffy blouse, the bow always looks elegant and feminine);
  • with gray (another neutral shade that goes well with the clay undertones in clothes, light tones go well with light gray things, and a rich brick will make a good tandem with things of the color of wet asphalt);
  • with brown (a great opportunity not to bother with choosing a wardrobe and at the same time look stunning, similar shades remarkably complement each other and make the image attractive);
  • with beige (also a shade similar in palette, perfectly complements the brick color of a thing, can serve as the main color of an everyday set or be present exclusively in accessories, reliably shading a bright tone);
  • with blue (an amazing combination of warm and cold tones makes the image elegant, feminine and surprisingly desirable, brick against a blue becomes particularly difficult, from which I do not want to look away);
  • with green (muffled, calm shades of green with brick look as natural as possible, a girl in such an outfit will always be in the spotlight);
  • with yellow (pale shades of sunlight are better to use in details, a wide-brimmed yellow hat or handbag will be a great addition to a dress in a brick shade).

There are a lot of combinations, and each girl can choose her own, special style. Stylists recommend not being afraid to experiment and combine a variety of colors and things that are present in the wardrobe of the lady.

Bad taste

Terracotta is a complex and deep color, which in itself is a bright accent in any image. A bad taste is considered to be its combination with the same bright and completely in harmony with it shades. Among them, purple, lilac, purple, hot pink and other similar tones are distinguished.

Choosing a fashionable set, it should be remembered that all wardrobe items should be harmoniously combined, and not suppressed by an abundance of colors. With the wrong combination, the onion loses its attractiveness, making the appearance of a woman awkward and depriving him of softness and femininity.

Stylist Tips

Brick tint suggests the presence of other tones in the image to create a multilayer. An everyday set or “exit” image should attract the views of others and beckon with its softness, femininity.

Terracotta favorably looks in outerwear. This is always a winning option if you correctly select the right shade. You can also apply brick in accessories or shoes. Especially such combinations are well suited in the autumn, when the days get colder and you want home warmth and coziness.