Stars who do not wear underwear: photos, incidents

Celebrities love to attract the attention of the public with scandalous antics, eccentric behavior and absurdities in clothing. And as an example, we can cite an increasingly popular move with the lack of underwear. Increasingly, the paparazzi manage to capture the "nudity" of stars. But unfortunately, the more people resort to such a method, the less interest each case causes.

TOP 10 stars who do not wear underwear

But there are celebrities who don’t recognize underwear. This is their life credo. Underwear is unpleasant for them for some personal reasons. Consider the list of people who are caught most often without linen.

Gwyneth Paltrow

One of the brightest blondes in Hollywood tops this rating. She often lights up on magazine pages in a provocative manner that clearly hints at the absence of anything under the dress.

But the recent image in which she appeared at the premiere of the third part of Iron Man was so scandalous that it provoked a negative reaction even among the most devoted fans of her talent. After all, the black inserts on her dress left no room for imagination and clearly demonstrated to everyone her naked body.

Cameron Diaz

Debuted in the famous "Mask", this famous movie star also likes to free her forms.

She had appeared more than once in outfits demonstrating nudity. Here is a recent shot in which she was shot in a casual environment, showing the tense tops of a beautiful chest.

Lady Gaga

This famous personality is a real exhibitionist. In any of her speeches, she tries to expose everyone to this or that part of the body.

This image is a confirmation of her style. Not only does the body shade merge with the color of her skin, but also translucent matter allows you to consider in detail its charms.

Lindsey Lohan

More recently, the 32-year-old American actress began to live with the Russian Egor Tarabasov. But neither the young bridegroom, nor the opinion of others can change her decision to abandon her underwear.

And this is clearly demonstrated by a photograph taken during an ordinary walk on the street. A charming woman clearly flaunts on camera, demonstrating what her nature endowed.


This winner of the prestigious Grammy Award for the best rap song, nature awarded a wonderful figure, which she never ceases to show to fans.

This, if I may say so, the dress is more like a chemise for sleeping. A seductive body shines through the transparent fabric.

Kim Kardashian

The famous model of size XXL at one time was able to prove to everyone that a woman in her body can also demonstrate outfits and look attractive and appetizing.

Kim loves to shock the audience with transparent clothes that look scandalous on her figure, but at the same time they go incredibly.

Chrissy Teigen

Another American model also loves to shine with her charms.

Because of this, trouble happened to her at one of the celebrations. The pin fastening in a high section of the waist area suddenly unfastened, exposing its intimate area.

Nina Agdal

The Danish model Nina, despite her young age, boasts a spectacular figure.

What is the red dress from the picture, which perfectly demonstrates the absence of anything under it.

Paris Hilton

Another famous Hollywood blonde also loves to flash a nude figure.

Through the cut on the clothes, the absence of panties is clearly visible.

Jessica Alba

And the rating ends with an attractive actress, who for the most part looks modest and stylish.

But sometimes she disturbs the audience with an immodest look. So, for example, in the above image, the absence of a bra is clearly visible.