Spray liquid clothing: to whom, why?

New technologies do not stand still: ordinary clothes are replaced by liquid ones . What is the new mod and who invented it, we will consider further in the article.

Who invented liquid clothes?

The world's first liquid clothing was invented by the Spaniard Manuel Torres . For ten years, the designer has created his own collection. However, for its development, it was not at all the knowledge of design and tailoring that was needed, but chemistry and physics. The creator claims that with the help of the spray can you can independently make the entire wardrobe.

Important! It will take no more than three minutes to “sew” a liquid outfit.

Liquid spray clothes

After application to the skin, the product instantly hardens and takes on a structure that resembles an ordinary fabric. The resulting thing follows the contours of the human body and is fully consistent with the size.

The presence of micropores allows you to use it for sports .

The spray can costs about $ 25. It turns out that such clothes will cost much less than branded items.

Attention! Due to the wide variety of colors, you can come up with an unlimited number of shades and patterns.

Synthesis of liquid materials: wool, linen, silk

Thanks to new technology, it was possible to combine suspension, fibers and binder concentrates. The fabric is not wet and not sticky.

The developer has already managed to synthesize wool, silk and linen. This means that customers always have a choice of what to wear, taking into account weather conditions, time of year and personal preferences . Especially appreciate the novelty of the girl. After all, tights can be replaced with a special lotion, which includes bronzers. The material will hide all the bumps and make the skin on the legs smooth and well-groomed.

How to make and then take off liquid clothes?

The composition is applied to the naked body in several layers. Those who have tested on themselves note that at first a slight chill is felt, and then a sensation of sunburn appears .

People with curvaceous forms are unlikely to dare to conduct such experiments, because the clothes turn out to be tight. But lovers of tight-fitting t-shirts, tops and leggings from the product will be delighted.

In most cases, buyers are interested in how to remove liquid clothes. However, there are no difficulties in this process. The fabric dries instantly and easily lags behind the body. The resulting item of clothing is designed for repeated use .

The outfit can be removed, washed and put on several times . In the case of holes, the material is easy to repair, pouring a new layer.

Reference! Development will create 3D shoes. So, in America it takes only 10 minutes to produce running shoes on a printer. As a material, a thread is used.

Many experts have already concluded that liquid clothing will revolutionize and radically change the fashion industry.

The invention has a great future. Indeed, with the help of a spray can you can create any wardrobe items, from underwear to sophisticated designer dresses.