Spectacular stars over 50. What is their secret?

In the modern world, stars “after fifty” are divided into two types: the first cannot reconcile themselves to the approaching old age and try to rejuvenate in all possible ways, the others take their age with dignity. What is the secret of famous women who look gorgeous in their years? Maybe in natural aging, or maybe in a sense of style and grooming? We learn in today's article.

15 most stylish celebrities "for 50"

Many famous women in our top are much older than fifty, but they look great and attract attention at social events. Yes there, many girls are equal to them and dream in adulthood to look the same as they are. So who are these beauties?

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone rightfully takes a place in our ranking, because at 61 she looks simply amazing! The star of the film "Basic Instinct" for more than 25 years since the release of the film remains one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood.

The actress still comes out in tight dresses and elegant suits of a man's cut, and many young women can envy her figure in a bikini. As Sharon herself says, the secret of her toned and slender body is that she walks a lot and never uses the elevator, even if she needs to go up to the highest floor.

Helen Mirren

The filmography of Helen is wide and varied: the actress starred completely naked in Caligula, after which she received the unspoken title of “sex symbol for intellectuals, ” and in the Oscar-winning role of Elizabeth II. With age, the actress changed pretentious outfits to elegant models in the classical style, which perfectly emphasize slender and feminine forms. One of the actress's favorite fabrics is the tweed chanel, which looks both festive and strict.

Christie Brinkley

It seems that the actress and model Christie Brinkley sold the soul to the devil - otherwise how can I explain that at 65 she looks like many young women? In addition, Christie's face does not show any signs of plastic surgery. The celebrity’s secret is in well-groomed appearance: long shiny hair, natural make-up and always a sincere smile with perfectly snow-white teeth . Despite his age, Christie can easily afford a miniskirt and a high heel: they look appropriate and attractive on her.

Meryl Streep

One of the greatest actresses of our time, Meryl Streep is the universally recognized ideal of female beauty. Meryl prefers naturalness in everything: she does not like sexy outfits and defiant makeup . The “trick” of the actress is in a laconic style, laid-back hairstyle and discreet accessories, such as glasses or earrings.

In an interview, Meryl herself admitted that she is not particularly friends with sports, but loves to swim. She is not fond of sunbathing and does not abuse harmful food and alcohol, so at 69 she looks as young and well-groomed as possible.

Ines de la Fressange

The famous model and designer has long become an icon of the French style. Her sophisticated looks wonderfully combine simplicity and Parisian chic. Ines loves various styles of trousers and can skillfully introduce them into any look.

Sandra Bullock

Over the years, Sandra blossoms and becomes more and more beautiful. And although the actress does not have perfect facial features by Hollywood standards, she never resorted to plastic surgery. The woman is actively involved in sports and prefers a healthy diet, so at 54 she boasts an aspen waist and a sporty physique. The sense of style also never failed Bullock: her dresses are always concise and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Jane Fonda

The legendary Jane Fonda from a young age has been engaged in gymnastics, without which she can not imagine her life. In an interview, she said many times that her physical form is obliged to exercise regularly , and her continued development in new areas and a positive outlook on the world help her to remain feminine and active .

We can not disagree with Jane: at 81 she looks just superb! Fonda's favorite style is an elegant classic. For evening outings, the celebrity prefers elegant designer dresses to the floor, emphasizing her figure.

Tilda Swinton

Tilda's appearance is something alien. The actress transforms into different images not only in the movie, but also in real life. To exit, she can choose both a modest T-shirt and a pencil skirt, and an avant-garde jacket with sequins. In any outfit, Swinton looks just cosmic!

Kim Cattrall

Since the time of the series “Sex and the City”, where Kim played the role of Samantha Jones, the actress is considered a self-sufficient and charismatic woman. She actively attends the gym and does not like the sun, which does not affect her snow-white skin in the best way . Let, looking at her, other girls strive to be better - this goal Kim set for herself back in the days of the serial Samantha.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney's appearance is far from the imaginary ideal of feminine beauty, but at the same time it excites many spectators in different parts of the world. The actress once said that for her, beauty is "when a woman is comfortable with her face." Weaver got rid of the gray mouse children's complex, ceased to be embarrassed of her “basketball” growth, and found true happiness.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Beauty Pfeiffer in his youth and now - they are completely different women. It is primarily a lifestyle: before Michelle ate junk food, smoked and did not follow the body. With age, everything has changed: the actress leads a healthy lifestyle and can give odds to many girls. Michelle also believes that women should not worry about trifles: this ages them much faster than age.


A distinctive feature of Madonna is that the singer does not age with her soul. She can go too far with makeup, choose a strange hairstyle or outfit - everyone around will still be crazy about her. Madonna at 60 years old can afford another shocking trick, and everyone will be delighted with this. It's all about the extraordinary charisma of a star .

It should be noted and the stunning figure of the singer. She exhausts herself with active training and even runs marathons. Such a willpower should be envied.

Monica Bellucci

Hot brunette Monica Bellucci is the recognized ideal of female beauty. The Italian is not shy of natural aging and always repeats that the wrinkles under the eyes do not spoil the woman, but only show her naturalness and wisdom. Many men around the world can not take their eyes off Monica: the actress has beautiful feminine forms, which she skillfully emphasizes with elegant outfits in a calm color scheme.

Julianne Moore

The red-haired beauty Julianne Moore adores natural beauty: she does not dye herself in everyday life, does not sunbathe and leads a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and Pilates are her favorite activities. The actress believes that the secret of youth is self-love and the opportunity to give yourself a rest. A happy woman looks young, even if she is well over 50.


A model of Somali origin, Iman, at the age of 63, still appears on the pages of glossy publications. Her slender and toned body is envied by many young fashion models. The secret of the model is in a healthy lifestyle and a happy marriage. The woman lived for many years in love and harmony with world famous musician David Bowie.