Soap in bed for cramps

Do your legs hoot in the evening? I'm very! And also cramps at night were added. I just didn’t try it until I remembered the lessons of my wise aunt: “Put soap in bed!” I grinned and waved. And now I remembered and even tried it. I do not regret it!

We are used to using soap for its intended purpose. That is, as a detergent. Of course, I did not think that it also has a therapeutic effect. But, having thrust a bar of soap under the sheet, she finally got the opportunity to truly relax her legs and slept without any cramps.

I decided to figure out why this is happening.

Soap in bed - a cure for cramps? Yes!

Many have heard that soap is put in bed. But they think that its disinfecting properties are important. Mistresses are accustomed to achieve a pleasant aroma with the help of an odorous scab. They hope that it will help to avoid the appearance of bugs. Maybe. But it turns out that ordinary detergent also helps get rid of night cramps.

Reference: cramps - uncontrolled and uncontrolled muscle contractions. They cannot be stopped or reduced by willpower.

If you have encountered this problem, you know how painful and unpleasant it is. Muscles become stony; they literally “bring them together”.

Doctors say that cramps occur after intense physical exertion. At the same time, they can be caused by other reasons. In particular, they can signal a malfunction of some systems and organs.

And so: the soap in bed - a dream, finally, calm. I looked at the Internet: it turns out that this is a fairly well-known and popular way! Many people use it!

What soap helps with cramps

I asked a medical friend, she confirmed that there was no scientific explanation for this. But that many people say that the soap bar has relieved convulsions.

Important! This method is a temporary and auxiliary measure. To permanently get rid of the problem, you need to see a doctor and find out its cause.

The mechanism of action of soap with muscle tension cannot be explained. Apparently, the magical property of aromatherapy affects. Doctors, in turn, believe that the effect is the usual auto-suggestion. To be honest, at the moment when the legs bring, I do not care if it is an suggestion or not. The main thing is helping!

Attention! A liquid remedy for cramps will not help. Use only solid. Apparently, its aroma has a beneficial effect on muscles.

Surprisingly, according to the reviews of many who have experienced this tool on their own, it really helps to relieve night muscle cramps.

What to do with soap

  • Take a bar of toilet soap. Aroma choose at your discretion. The main thing is that it be pleasant.
  • Place it in bed so that it does not interfere with sleep. I put it under the sheet, in the corner of the bed. Sleeping without convulsions was so pleasant that she did not begin to remove the bar. I decided: let him lie there all the time, if he helps.
  • And here is what people who use this method for a long time advise. So that over time the effect does not decrease, cut off the top layer of soap, so to speak, “refresh” it.
  • I also read this advice: if cramps bother during the day, apply a fragrant bar to the painful area. I have not tried it yet: it was not necessary. But if there is a daily spasm, I will definitely try!

Here is such a simple way to get rid of seizures, I discovered. Try it and you suddenly help?