Should I buy a sheet with an elastic band: pros and cons

It is difficult to imagine today's bed without a beautiful set of bed linen. But it often happens that the sheet falls into a lump during sleep, falls off the mattress or the dog carefully chews its corners. For such cases, an elastic sheet is suitable. This is a great tool for restless sleeping people and forever spinning kids.

The peculiarity of sheets on an elastic band

We will examine in more detail what such products are like.


These items of sleeping wardrobe are used for children and adults as a regular sheet or mattress cover.

Unlike ordinary types, such bedspreads for mattresses are equipped with special rubber bands, which prevent part of the bed set from “escaping” during a person’s rest from their place.

Elastics can be sewn along the entire length of the fabric or only in the corners . Both options provide a secure fit.

Important! Sheets on an elastic band require a removable mattress, as they are attached to its lower part.


Products can be made of various materials, as well as their classic options.

  • Clap . Fine and inexpensive material is perfect for winter and summer. It is characterized by good hygroscopicity and thermal conductivity.
  • Satin The fabric is a bit like silk, but it is much cheaper. It will pleasantly cool the skin in hot weather and fits well to the mattress.
  • Terry cloth . This filling bedding is ideal for the spring-winter-autumn period. It perfectly warms in the cold . The only drawback will be the weight of such an element of the sleeping set.
  • Bamboo Combines the environmental friendliness of natural materials and high wear resistance. The material is light and soft.
  • Calico The fabric is dense, durable and durable. It withstands numerous washings and does not fade, maintaining a bright color.

In addition to these fabrics, linen can be made of silk, batiste, satin and even knitwear .

The size

Products are large in comparison with standard canvases. Depending on the size, stretch linen is divided into several types:

  • baby;
  • teenage;
  • one and a half;
  • double;
  • "Euro".

Advantages and disadvantages of sheets on an elastic band

To understand whether you need special underwear, you need to objectively evaluate its features.


  • The undoubted advantage will be finding the sheet in its place during the entire period of rest, and not during the first two hours.
  • It will be comfortable and comfortable to sleep, and the mattress will not get dirty .
  • The bed retains a decent look even after a stormy night, and it does not need to be adjusted and smoothed. So a couple of additional minutes of morning sleep are provided to the hostess.
  • The time for evening fastening of the sheet under the mattress is also reduced .
  • Tightly stretched fabric will help to create a beautiful and aesthetic look in the bedroom .

Tip. Such an item is often used as a mattress cover. It is cheaper and easier to remove, put on, erased.


  • The disadvantage of a stretched sheet will be not very convenient storage of the bedding. Erasers prevent folding the product neatly and compactly.
  • It is not very convenient to iron such bedding.

Tip. Some housewives iron products already stretched over the mattress. Or they smooth only the middle, and the sidewalls straighten themselves when donned.

  • It is not recommended to boil such linen . Due to the boiling water, the elastic tape can be disheveled, as a result, you get a regular, but strangely sewn sheet.
  • For each bed you have to buy different sheets, unless, of course, the furniture varies in size.

Tips for choosing an elastic sheet

  • To correctly determine the size of the sheet, not only the length and width of the mattress should be measured, but also its height.
  • Typically, manufacturers enclose a size chart that will help determine the choice.
  • Pay attention to the material. But here it all depends on the preferences of future owners of linen. Usually, practical cotton and calico are purchased for themselves; silk and cambric are presented as a gift.

The stretch sheet itself was invented at the end of the 20th century and is actively used in Europe. In Russia, she became popular recently. But judging by the fact that they began to include it in the composition of bed sets - the thing is really useful and convenient.