Shopping in Germany

Those who will soon have a trip to Germany are probably interested in the topic of shopping in this country. In souvenir shops, which are a great many in Germany, you can find a lot of not only beautiful and interesting, but also very useful things. The following recommendations of experienced travelers will allow you to choose the most suitable options for such acquisitions.

What to bring from Germany?

Quite a lot of high-quality, beautiful and unusually designed products are sold here. There are both standard options, and characteristic for a specific area or a specific city.

In Berlin, for example, you can purchase an original jar of air from this city (a very popular souvenir).

From Nuremberg, many bring "Eliza's gingerbread cookies" (Nuremberg gingerbread cookies), which you can buy in any candy store in this city.

Important! The national currency of this country is the euro . Money is recommended to be changed before departure. In Germany, this can also be done, but the course may not be very profitable.

Clothes and shoes

National Tyrolean hat.

Connoisseurs of European products of this kind will probably want to go to numerous local shops and shopping centers. The most effective will be shopping during sales, which are held twice a year (in summer and winter). Summer begins in late July, and winter - in the last week of January. On the final days of sales, which usually last two weeks, discounts increase to 70-80%.

It is best to shop at renowned shopping centers such as Europa-Center, KaDeWe and Peek & Cloppenburg . Fans of expensive shopping in Dusseldorf should definitely walk along the Königsallee - the famous boutique street. There you can buy clothes from world designers.

Outlets (shopping centers specializing in selling clothes of famous brands from last year’s collections) should not be ignored , with discounts of up to 90%. In Germany, there are over 1, 000. Purchasing products in outlets is very profitable, so visitors are trying to make the most of this opportunity.

Medicines and cosmetics

German cosmetics and medicines are always of excellent quality, so it makes sense to purchase any of the products in this category for yourself or as a gift. Most drugs in Germany are sold exclusively by prescription .

You can buy medicine with a prescription that was obtained in Russia, but you must always take into account that when crossing the Russian border upon return, you will need a certificate from a personal doctor, a prescription directly, as well as permission from the Ministry of Health. Given all these difficulties, it makes sense to purchase medicines in Germany only if it is really necessary.

With medicinal ointments, dietary supplements and a variety of vitamins, the situation is completely different. These goods can be safely imported from Germany to Russia. The restriction on the duty-free import of goods of this kind is very democratic: it is necessary that the total amount of purchases not exceed 65, 000 rubles, and the weight - 35 kg .

Women should definitely visit the cosmetic departments that are available in almost every shopping center in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Cologne. It is recommended to visit the ranks with cosmetics in ordinary supermarkets (Aldi or DM) . Locally produced biocosmetics are also in great demand , which can be purchased at pharmacies and biogaz shops.

Cologne cologne.

Among the most sought after brands are the following:

  • Alverde;
  • Essence
  • Weleda;
  • Nivea;
  • Schwarzkopf;
  • Dr. Hauschka;
  • Sante.

The acquisition of perfumes in Germany also makes sense, since the range presented here is much more diverse than the Russian one. It is very profitable to purchase such goods in duty free, but also there are very significant discounts in perfume stores. Those who pick up a gift that “smells” of Germany are advised to purchase a cologne from Cologne - Kölnwasser, because it is Cologne that is the birthplace of cologne.

Household products

While in Germany, many tourists try to purchase practical and reliable home goods. The choice of this kind of product is very diverse, and prices are affordable. German equipment has been enjoying well-deserved popularity for a long time.

Many try to purchase audio and video equipment, laptops and other types of computer equipment here. Particular attention is recommended to pay to Hypermarkets MediaMarkt and Saturn.

Important! TVs in Germany are not recommended to be purchased. Most of them are oriented to European standards. In Russia, they will function without sound, because they will not be able to catch the desired frequencies. This also applies to certain types of audio and video equipment, therefore, when purchasing similar products, you need to clarify in detail with the sellers all the possible nuances of this kind.

Many people get here the famous Meissen porcelain, considered one of the best in Europe, but its cost is quite high.

Tourists bring beer mugs, cups and sets of glasses from German cities . They come in glass, ceramic, with engraving and decals.


The most popular products in this category include the following:

  • magnets - it’s easy to choose the right option for every taste: from traditional, with the image of local attractions, to quite unusual and very funny (even magnets with fragments of the Berlin Wall are sold);
  • postcards - a tribute to the popular modern direction of Postcrossing (a project created for the possibility of receiving postcards from around the world);
  • beautiful decorative candles ;
  • Hamburg boat in a bottle ;

  • figurine of the Broken witch .

Advice! Truly unique items can be seen in local flea markets . You can find anything there: vintage clothes, shoes and jewelry, antique household items, rare records and books.

Children can bring porcelain dolls or German wooden toys . It is recommended to purchase such products in specialized or souvenir shops.

Many tourists like to bring home Berlin bears . They are sold not only in Berlin, but also in almost any gift shop. Many interesting items can be found at local makeshift and Christmas markets .

Food and drink

Of the goods of this kind, which are in demand among tourists, it is worth noting the German marzipan, which can be found both in "bars" and in the form of souvenir figurines. You can buy such goods in ordinary supermarkets.

Mustard is considered to be a sufficiently demanded edible souvenir from this country , a great variety of varieties of which are sold in Germany . Mustard is recommended not to buy in souvenir shops, but in ordinary supermarkets, where you can find it in pretty pretty jars.

Many tourists buy mett here - an original national dish, which is a cutlet of raw minced meat, abundantly seasoned with salt, pepper and onions. You can buy such a souvenir in almost every supermarket and in any butcher shop in Germany.


Still from this country beer and other types of alcohol are often brought:

  • “Jägermeister” (famous strong liquor infused with herbs);
  • "Eiswein" (dessert wine from grapes, which were allowed to freeze on the vine before picking);
  • Killepitsch (an exclusive liquor featuring an original recipe).

Germany is the right country for a great shopping experience. All products manufactured there are famous for their excellent quality, so making purchases here is a pleasure.