Russian brands on Hollywood celebrities

Everyone knows that the stars of the world of show business prefer to dress fashionably and tastefully. Someone help stylists, someone prefers to make their own choices in favor of a particular couturier. Do you think that all their outfits are created by foreign masters? And no! Often, the labels of Russian designers flicker on a particular thing worn by a movie star or a famous singer. They choose these outfits to appear at a gala event or as casual wear.

Russian designers who have conquered Hollywood stars

Famous Russian designers have long been working at the global level. Many celebrities and stars of show business prefer their collections to create unusual images for various events or just as an everyday look.

Today, Russian designers are especially respected by popular clients. Unique Russian motifs, which are inevitably present in many outfits, attract and attract show business stars with their exoticism.

Ulyana Sergeenko

Luxurious dresses and dresses from Ulyana Sergeenko have long and firmly gained popularity in the West.

Fans of the famous brand are government officials, first-tier stars and other celebrities.

Reference. An ardent admirer of outfits from Uliana is Sheikh Moza Bint Nasser al-Misned, who is recognized as the first beauty of the East, and Queen of Jordan Rania Al-Abdullah.

It is worth noting that the brand appeared only 8 years ago, but over the years Sergeyenko has effectively introduced recognizable Russian motifs into the most modern sets, which many Hollywood and European fashionistas liked so much. Among them are Lady Gaga, Ornella Muti, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz and others.

Amanda Seyfried

Jessica chastain

Penelope Cruz

Vika gazinskaya

The winning procession of the brand began in 2006. Then the young designer Vika Gazinskaya graduated from Moscow State University of Service and completed an internship under the supervision of Evelina Khromchenko .

After a couple of years, it was already known in the West. Many stars prefer Gazinskaya brand clothing for the most important events in their life. For example, the singer Katy Perry, who chose a strict black-and-white suit of an unusual cut to open her name star on the Walk of Fame.

Katy Perry

El fanning

Yanina couture

The path of this brand was thorny. His landlady, Julia Yanina, began with a small atelier in Saratov, but was able to break into people.

Now her famous evening and cocktail dresses shine on the red carpet of film festivals and other events.

Dresses from Yanina Couture choose stars of the first echelon . For example, Emily Blunt, who at the film festival picked up a delicate dress on the floor from this brand.

Emily Blunt

Lady Gaga

Joule king


Stylish and elegant dresses, luxurious in execution, are designed to create a unique image for significant events.

The founder of the brand, Rasida Lakoba, came to conquer Moscow from Abkhazia and also began with a small atelier and showroom. And then her dresses were to the taste of foreign stars.

Jennifer Lopez

Now the outfits from Rasario are regulars of any festivals and official events.

Gosha rubchinskiy

The hooligan outfits of Gosha Rubchinsky, referring us to the turbulent nineties of the last century.

An unusual interpretation of the post-Soviet style led to the fact that many foreign stars of show business liked the brand’s clothing.

Everyday items from the brand are worn by Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Ryan Goslin and other celebrities. For them, these are unique and exotic things that attract attention to themselves by their unusualness.

Justin Bieber

Kanye West

Ryan Gosling

Interesting! The brand founder in April 2018 announced the closure of the label. But he promised fans of his talent to bring to light something new and unusual.

Valentin Yudashkin

Elegant evening dresses and other dresses from Valentin Yudashkin regularly sparkle at official events, decorating the perfect bodies of world stars.

Russian stars have long preferred this designer. And among foreign divas, preference for Yudashkin's dresses is given by Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Nicole Scherzinger .

Celine Dion

Lady Gaga

Nicole Scherzinger


Brand founder Natalya Alaverdyan lives in London because she considers this city a powerful source of inspiration. There is also the brand headquarters.

Outfits from this designer can often be seen on Kim Kardashian .

Kim Kardashian

Renee Zellweger

David Koma

It is unfair to call this designer exclusively Russian. Starting his studies in St. Petersburg, later David Komakhidze moved to London and finished his studies there. His famous brand also settled here.

For several years of work, David presented a large number of collections that many stars loved. Among them are Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez .

Lady Gaga

Megan Fox

Jennifer Lopez


Cheryl Cole is an admirer of the talent of Russian designer Igor Chapurin.

She has appeared in the dresses and other sets of this fashion designer many times. And each of them was successful!

Cheryl Cole

Important! Each of the brand founders worked hard to gain worldwide popularity. Someone managed to become famous only after 20 years of painstaking work, and someone won the title of eminent designer in a few years.

Accessories from the Russian designer, beloved by the stars

Tak.Ori is the name of the famous brand of our compatriot, who creates soft knitwear accessories that are beloved by many foreign stars. The founder of the brand is Svetlana Takkori .

Initially, she worked as a distributor of well-known European brands. And then she decided to put her knowledge into practice and created voluminous caps.

The thing was very fond of many stars, and they did not fail to spread the word about it among colleagues. Today, even the recognized “style icon” Sarah Jessica Parker prefers to wear such a hat.

Sarah Jessica Parker

By the way, to date, sales of knitted accessories are organized in 22 countries around the world. The brand produces not only hats, but also other accessories, as well as sweaters and cardigans, which are no less popular.