The right combination of pink and burgundy in clothes

A skillful combination of things in color not only helps to make the right impression with the help of clothes, but also emphasizes the advantages of appearance. That is why stylists and designers in their collections give a special place to the color palette.

Burgundy: the psychology of color and its shades

A rich, rich burgundy color, which was valued and respected by aristocrats . It is not in the main palette because it is obtained from two colors. By mixing red and brown, you can get a noble burgundy. From red he took powerful energy and activity, and from brown he took stability, moderation and endurance. At present, this color is chosen by strong and integral natures, and in people it is associated with a high position and nobility.

Burgundy has various shades that can affect others in different ways. Depending on the depth, color saturation, as well as the predominance of red or brown in it, it can excite and emphasize passion or, conversely, suppress and oppress.

The versatility of burgundy will allow you to create an image suitable for different styles.

Maroon is considered the darkest and most saturated in all colors . It is deep and noble, and just like black it is able to visually reduce volumes . Due to its versatility, it is possible to make various color combinations with maroon. He looks especially elegant on girls of autumn and spring type of appearance.

Carmine is one of the brightest and most saturated shades with a predominance of red tones. It is perfect for girls of winter and summer appearance, emphasizing their contrasting appearance.

Marsala is becoming increasingly popular among the fair half. A sensual and elegant shade with a predominance of brown undertones will help create a luxurious look for representatives of any color type.

Wine or burgundy is a deep, temperamental shade of red with a purple undertone. It goes well with warm colors, and is suitable for girls and women of summer and spring appearance. Most often, wine can be found in elegant evening looks, and not in daylight bows.

Sangria is located on the border of burgundy and rich dark pink. It is less binding than other shades of burgundy, and is easily used to create daytime bows.

Who is going to?

The burgundy color is considered universal, and is suitable for women of any type of appearance. The main thing is to choose the right shade. All shades look great on owners of dark skin and dark hair.

It favorably shades the skin and gives the image of mystery and luxury . But fair-haired women with fair or peach skin can also safely use this color when making sets. Only in this case, the main thing is restraint and moderation.

Pink: the psychology of colors and shades

Pink is also obtained by mixing two colors of red and white. In psychology, it is customary to interpret it as a romantic and sensual color, symbolizing kindness, innocence and purity . He is able to dull aggression and calm.

Depending on the amount of red or white, pink has many shades.

Pink tones can be divided into two classes. The first includes soft and warm, in them the leading position is white, the second is cold shades, where red and purple predominate.

Warm colors are softer and more feminine, these include coral, light purple, pastel and soft pink. Therefore, if you want to create a sensual and at the same time fragile image, it is worth giving preference to this particular group.

Stronger and whole natures should look at fuchsia, magenta, clove, purple-pink. The red base of these shades demonstrates strength of character and leadership qualities.

Spectacular combinations of pink and burgundy in clothes

A spectacular and at the same time quite elegant combination can be called a duet of pink and burgundy in clothes . Both colors are related to red, so they work well in tandem.

Conservative and luxurious burgundy sets off a light and romantic pink.

When choosing this color combination, it is important to combine the shades correctly.

Light pink and bed colors should be combined with deep and rich burgundy. In this case, the dominant position should be given to light shades . This combination will help create a successful bow, suitable for both formal and informal settings .

Saturated wine-colored trousers combined with a powdery shirt or jumper will make a universal bow.

An easy dress of muted pink color in combination with a burgundy coat, cardigan or jacket will look interesting. Or, conversely, a ruby skirt in combination with a white blouse, complemented by a cashmere coat of light pink tones, will make the image attractive and suitable for different occasions.

If the choice fell on dark and cold pink shades, then the first role should be given to burgundy . A Marsala hue coat complete with black dress pants and a fuchsia blouse will create a feminine and elegant look.

Important! Do not oversaturate the image, choosing and combining bright colors. The key to a successful kit is moderation.

Shoes & Accessories

Do not forget that even the most successful image can spoil the wrong accessories and shoes .

Pink and burgundy are quite self-sufficient in themselves, so you should not pile up the image using a large number of accessories. A bag from soft leather or suede in black, powdery or burgundy will help complement the kit .

Advice! It is important to choose an accessory in tone with the color that is leading. For example, a set of a light pink wool suit in combination with a wine cloak can be complemented with a leather handbag and a pair of shoes to match the outerwear.

Not bad in this combination look bags of beige, light gray and milk tones.

As for shoes, it is important to consider the style of the image .

For evening outings, choose aged black, dark brown heeled boats . Shoes in the tone of the main ensemble will look no less impressive. This will help to visually lengthen the legs.

For daily or city onions, you can use soft loafers, slip-ons or low shoes. The choice of color will depend on the overall kit. A coral sweater or blouse, burgundy trousers and white loafers, shoes will be a great option for a casual look.

Thanks to the rich color scheme of pink and burgundy, a woman of any type of appearance will be able to choose interesting sets for herself. In this case, it is important to play correctly with tones and midtones so that the image looks harmonious and attractive.