“Pugovka”, Brezhneva’s daughter and the sons of Rudkovskaya: where did the children of the stars meet their graduations

For a long time, the last calls in schools rang, exhausting exam passed. The time has come for the long-awaited graduation parties, the moment when yesterday's schoolchildren pass into adulthood, leaving the walls of their native schools. Many star children completed their secondary education this year and came to graduation to celebrate this event with their friends and classmates. It is very interesting to see in which images they said goodbye to the school.

Star graduates and their images at the school ball

Bright graduations took place across the country. Children of famous actors, stars of show business and other famous personalities said goodbye to the school. They prepared for their holiday for a long time, carefully selected outfits.

Bright graduates are:

  • Katya Starshova. The famous “Button” from the series “Daddy's Daughters” appeared at the celebration in a delicate blue dress with a flying skirt made of transparent material, the second outfit of the actress was a gray top and a midi skirt with a floral print. The girl looked tender and young, as befits a graduation party;
  • Andrey and Nikolay Baturins. The children of producer and socialite Yana Rudkovskaya simultaneously graduated from high school and came to graduation evening in classic dark suits, complemented by stylish narrow ties. Looking at them, it is hard to believe that they are the sons of such a fragile and young woman;
  • Sergey Bakov. The middle son of a large actress Anna Mikhalkova also said goodbye to the school. The young man is going to become a director, creative nature also appeared in the image of a guy at the graduation party: he appeared in gray trousers and a white shirt, unfastened on top and complemented by a thin silver chain with a pendant;
  • Alexander Morozov. The daughter of the singer Slava does not lag behind her mother, she came to the prom in a daring outfit of blood-red color with a deep neckline, replete with aggressive details. Shoes with spikes on a high “stiletto” became a bright addition; their stylists considered it inappropriate for such a bright and catchy outfit;
  • Stefania Malikova. The recognized beauty and daughter of famous parents came to the evening in a chic blue dress, which Valentin Yudashkin himself worked on. Rumor has it that the outfit cost the parents of yesterday’s schoolgirl 300 thousand rubles, but the result was worth it: the girl looked great in a dress gathered at the waist in the floor, decorated with an ornament of transparent and white beads;
  • Sonya Kiperman. Vera Brezhneva’s daughter graduated from high school in the United States, for a solemn exit, the girl chose a too heavy dress, which the stylists categorically rejected, noting that the garnet color looks too old, for a graduate it would be better to use pale pink or pale blue, as well as a peach color . Specialists had no complaints about the style of the dress.

Important! Graduates and graduates - children of "star" parents also try to dress up and look unforgettable that day. But youth is precisely the time when you need to show yourself in all its glory.

Among the "star" graduates, Timofei Klyaver, the son of singer Denis Klyaver, the daughter of singer Alyona Apina Ksenia, who graduated from a linguistic school, as well as Maria, the daughter of actress Lyubov Tolkalina and director Yegor Konchalovsky, also appeared.

What graduation parents visited the "star"?

By the way, not only children of celebrities, but also their parents shone at graduation parties. For example, Yana Rudkovskaya appeared at a gala event in a pink outfit consisting of a lush pleated skirt made of light translucent fabric and an elongated jacket. The producer admitted that she even managed to cry at a graduation concert.

Parents of Alexandra Strizhenova, Catherine and Alexander, came to the gala evening in black, but, despite the "mourning" of the images, they were happy for the daughter and her successful graduation. Catherine's dress, as always, was designed in a classic style and perfectly emphasized the figure of the TV presenter. Alexander also looked stylish and attractive.

Alena Apina chose a black pantsuit with a jacket made of dense textured material. The singer looked great and complemented the classic school look of her daughter at a gala event.