Pleated is a fashionable element of the image of 2019

This spring, pleated fabric is the trend of the season. All fashion designers and fashion houses unanimously proclaimed things pleated as mega-popular and trendy. Therefore, if you have old skirts or pleated trousers in your wardrobe, it is better to get them out and put in order . They will help to make any way spectacular and stylish. If in your wardrobe there is no such trendy thing , you urgently need to run to the store and buy.

Plisse in fashionable skirts of the season 2019

The female image at the expense of the pleated skirt only wins - it is so interesting and deep thing that makes it possible to express yourself. In the spring-2019 season and, probably, in the following seasons, pleated pleats and ruffles, skirts of various lengths and asymmetric products will be held in high esteem . Decorative elements will not stand aside.

Trendy will be:

  • products with large frills;
  • decorated with a predatory print;
  • transparent models;
  • multi-tiered skirts;
  • asymmetric styles and more.

Important! A special place among the entire variety is occupied by skirts of various lengths in a small fold with a soft transition of color - degrade.

Top designers presented a large assortment of such options at Fashion Week.

Each girl will be able to choose a style for herself. Pleated skirt is suitable for any complexion and figure. She will successfully emphasize the merits and hide small flaws of the figure, if necessary.

Not just skirts

On the catwalks this spring - a real cult of folds. Designers presented a wide range of images using skirts, blouses, dresses, trousers made of pleated fabric. Many models of clothes were decorated with such decor. Today, new technologies are used in the production of this fabric, which make the fold dense and elastic, which undoubtedly adds beauty to the image and the comfort of the suit.

Pleated Pants

Pleated pants are an unusual and very feminine outfit. He is great for tall ladies with a slim figure . Popular models with a soft color transition and metallic sheen that create an unusual urban look. This is a real outlet for women who are tired of the constant power of sports style and oversized things.

Pleated trouser models look great both with classic feminine shoes, for example, open sandals or “boats”, and with sports sneakers or sneakers. At the same time, the set remains fresh, feminine and romantic.


Another trend was the dresses, pleated completely, from the neck. Fashion designers note that such a dress in combination with thin-heeled sandals creates an ephemeral, feminine image that invariably attracts the views of others.

A great option would be a dress with different depths and density of folds . For example, in the upper part of the folds will be wider and less dense, and the skirt is made of small pleated. The top and bottom of the product can vary in color, creating the effect of different details of the women's wardrobe.

Pleated dresses at the bottom are no less attractive. This can be a skirt in a tight narrow fold or with a wide fold, which also looks very attractive.

Pleated parts

No less popular in 2019 are dresses and blouses with bright details. They look very impressive and unusual. In this outfit, the girl will not go unnoticed.

Designers offer a variety of options.

  • Pleated blouses . Attractive shapes and an unusual frame with a narrow fold.
  • Pockets made of pleated fabric.
  • Fold parts that turn a regular outfit into an original product.

Important! The modern collection of 2019 presents a wide variety of models. Feel free to head to the boutiques and choose your favorite thing, decorated with dense folds.

Stylists and fashion designers believe that such a thing is necessary for every woman, without exception, regardless of age and characteristics of the figure.